Clara: 6 Month Update

Whew! What a month six months has been! This has by far been my favorite age so far. I’m sure every month is going to be my favorite from here on out but I am seriously loving this stage right now. Clara is learning constantly and growing so much both developmentally and physically. As a human development major, I took many infant and child development classes. I love how now I can see so clearly the different stages she is at.

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Once Clara’s double ear infection started clearing up last month we were thinking we were doing pretty good…until we had a little scare. I was home alone with Clara when all of a sudden she went cross-eyed and tensed up while shaking. Terrifying! It’s only happened once and we saw the pediatric neurologist to rule everything out. An EEG has been ordered for a few weeks from now but the doc thinks she’s good. I will be glad once the tests come back telling us my sweet girl is all healthy.

Other than that, month six has been good to us!


We flew past sitting up. She’s a champ! One week ago, a week before six months she took off for my phone that was laying on the ground and hasn’t looked back since! At first it was just a small wiggle, but within a few days she can move! Last month she would scoot backwards and could roll where she wanted to go but now she is out of control! This girl is a movin’ and a shakin’. When she wants to go, she moves fast! Here she is a few days ago coming for my phone. It’s bright pink and a great motivator to get her moving.

Hide and seek, also known as object permanence, she’s got it down! Depending on her mood, we could play hide and seek for hours. This is also a bad thing though. I can no longer hide something if she’s going for something she can’t have, she knows where it is. It’s been fun to realize that new development. Or if she’s dropped a toy while in her exersaucer she’ll lean over trying to find it.

She can support her own weight when you hold her upright. Can move toys between hands and grab things. There’s even three teeth close to popping through but none yet.

By Nakalan McKay Photography


Clara gets super hyper in the afternoon and let’s out high pitch squeels when she’s playing by herself. She will cough if she wants attention. Last week, my sister was over and we were trying to get Clara to say mama or dada. Well Justin came over and I look at Clara and said “say dada.” And immediately she says “dada!” I know she was just mimicking the sound but it was so cute!!

Monthly baby update at Burlap and Babies


Well we officially started baby led weaning. Last weekend we were having grilled chicken for dinner so gave her strips of it. Of course, she went to town and just started shoving her face. Check out my instagram for a picture of that cutie. Every day we try to let her try new foods. She’s sucked on cantaloupe. Eaten steamed carrots. Banana. She loves drinking water out of a cup. She laps it like a little cat! I’ll have to put up a video of it sometime. I’m excited to do baby led weaning and just skip purees but it also terrifies me. I’m so nervous about choking but I’m sure she’s just fine.

She is still exclusively breastfed when it comes to actual nutrition. After so many trials the first few months, I am so proud to say that! I was okay giving it up if that’s what we needed to do, but I am so glad we pushed through because nursing is so much easier. We are still on the nipple shield but that’s okay. She eats four times a day: morning, noon-ish, around four, and bedtime at eight. She’s got much faster and is done eating within a half an hour.


Sleeping has been going well for the most part. She does not like the heat and we had a hot May for Oregon so many nights she would fall asleep in her swing after screaming for an hour because it’s too hot in her room and cooler where the swing is. Thankfully, we are having ac installed next week. I can’t wait! Other than that, sleeping is good. Clara still sleeps about 10-12 hours at night. Naps are still in the swing when at home or in her carseat when we’re out and about.

As I write this, I’m watching as she just scooted her way in her crib to her binky and is just contently sucking on it. This little girl is going to be one independently fierce little lady. Many mornings she will hang out in her crib from 15-45ish minutes before I even get her out.

Monthly baby update at Burlap and Babies


As of yesterday, Clara is 15 pounds 10 ounces and 26 inches long. She’s in the 41% for weight which is great!! She was down to 16% at one point so that’s awesome!

Monthly baby update at Burlap and Babies


Loves her Geoffrey the giraffe. The stuffed animal in her monthly photos. We got him at her first trip to the zoo when she was just a few weeks old and she gets all giddy when she sees him.

Me. She is so a momma’s girl right now! If she even sees my mom, her grammy, she’ll usually lose it because she thinks that means momma is leaving. When I take her to work with me she has to see me at all times or else she loses it. I know it’s just a phase but boy is it exhausting sometimes.

Loves Charlie and Molly, the dog and cat. She gets so excited if she gets near enough to pet them. Right now, we’re working on not pulling the cats tail. Oops! Hopefully she doesn’t have to learn the hard way.

Loves a good belly laugh while daddy gets her ready for bed every night.

Major lover of the binky. It’s been a lifesaver and I know they say to get rid of it at six months but I’m not ready to do it quite yet. Maybe check in with me about it next month and maybe then I’ll be ready.

Monthly baby update at Burlap and Babies

Monthly baby update at Burlap and Babies


Still dislikes bath time but she is definitely learning to like them more than before. Progress people! Definitely dislikes avocado. Makes nasty faces and throws it up.

Monthly baby update at Burlap and Babies

I can’t believe we are half way through the first year of this little one’s life!

What milestones and growth should we expect for month 7?


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