How to Define Your Signature Style {Part 1}

I am so excited about today’s post and this little mini series I have planned! Over the past year Justin and I have been talking seriously about if we need to sell our first home and buy a new one that better fits our style or if we just make do in the house we have. We found ourselves not settling in and decorating like we normally would because we just saw it as temporary.

We realized it wasn’t necessarily that the house was a bad fit, but just that what we did with it was wrong.

When we bought our house 4 years ago we were a year out of college and still trying to discover our style. Throughout the past few years we’ve made some not so awesome decorating decisions and have decided enough is enough — but we were stuck…where do we even start?!

I am so excited to tell you we figured it out and I can’t wait to share with you how. But first I want to break it down for you. Today I’m going to share about my dream home and style…

When I walk into my home I want an instant feeling of warmth and inviting. I love a cozy comfortable space with lots of plush pillows and soft neutrals like off-white and gray. Give me a tufted couch, cozy chair, and plush, tufted headboard any day! I like contemporary accessories that you wouldn’t find in my grandma’s home.

As I put together my dream home I pinned like crazy things I liked and then found actual furniture pieces to fit the style. Here’s my look all put into one place and lucky for you I even shared where I found these dream pieces, so you can get them for yourself. Many of them you can actually find at Target! I knew there was a reason I love that place!!

Cozy Contemporary Home Decor Inspiration — Learn the secret to how we discovered our signature style...and you can too!

So that is my dream room! What do you think? In case you love these products as much as I do and want to get them for yourself, I’ve included affiliate links for your convenience. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

Shop this look at A Crafted Passion

I love it! So, what is your style? I’m so glad to have figured out my actual style. I’m scared to even show you what our home looks like currently because it’s just so far off from this. Stay tuned for some before pictures coming your way and hopefully in a month we can share updated pictures with our new signature style.

See part two here to see my husband’s opposite ideal style and part three to see how we’ve finally discovered our signature style and what it is!

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