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Gift Wrapping 101
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As a diy blogger, I always feel like there’s so much pressure to make adorable gift wrapping when giving gifts but sometimes it’s just too much pressure. So with that I have come up with a few very simple ways to fancy up some gift wrapping to make it look cute and diy without much work.

DIY Gift Wrapping Tips

Recently, I had a baby shower to go to and realized I forgot to wrap the gift so had to wrap it last minute. The secret to gift wrapping with a bag is to over stuff the bag with tissue paper. I’ve just noticed gift bags look cooler when they have more fluff coming out of it. And yes, fluff is the technical term.

Gift Wrapping 101

As for a gift tag, rip off those ugly-fugly generic cards that are attached to the handle and attach a cuter diy tag. You can even make up a bunch to just have on hand so it looks like you did more work than you actually did. And as for these darling thick tags, I bought them in the Target dollar section for six per pack. I love how they are oversized and who doesn’t love some big, bold words.

DIY Gift Wrapping Tips

But you may be asking, “Amanda, what if I do have time to wrap, what do you suggest then?” Great question!!

Buy yourself a big roll of painters paper. They come in large rolls, super cheap and they encourage way more creativity than typical wrapping paper. The sky is the limit! Brown paper grocery bags also work for this. For example, I made a little scarf for my friends daughters first birthday. So I wrapped it in some of the brown paper and then took some pink twine and wrapped it around twice and tied a bow. Of course, it also got one of the oversized Target dollar section tags.

So simple, yet adorable.

Gift Wrapping 101

For even more creative gift wrapping ideas, follow my Wrap It! board on Pinterest.

Follow Amanda {Burlap and Babies}’s board Create | Wrap It! on Pinterest.

What are your go-to diy gift wrapping tips?

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