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Want to display a photo in a unique way besides just throwing it in a frame? Make a DIY wood block photo holder using an acrylic sheet. Check this out!

This easy home decor tutorial is perfect for your desk or shelf.

Want to make a DIY wood block photo holder? This easy home decor tutorial with wooden blocks is perfect for your desk or shelf. #homedecor #shelfdecor

A photo stand seriously can’t get much easier than this. Here’s what you’ll need.

Supplies Needed:

Image of wood block photo holder supplies

Instructions for DIY Wood Block Photo Holder:

1. Cut

First, you need to cut your wood to size. You want the wood large enough that it won’t topple over with the weight of the acrylic sheet and at least wide enough that the sheet fits in the slot you’re about to make.

I cut the wood block down to 11″ x 2″ and it is 1″ tall.

2. Groove

Now, set your table saw at a 10-degree angle and with the blade at a 1/2″ height. Cut a groove through the middle of the wood block making  sure you do not go all the way through the wood.

Image of wood block photo holder closeup

3. Sand

Sand your wood block to make it smooth.

4. Paint

Tape off whatever design you want using painter’s tape and spray with a few light coats of spray paint.

Image of paint on wood block photo holder

5. Place

Once the paint has dried, sandwich your photo between the two acrylic sheets and place it in the photo stand.

This project is seriously so simple I almost didn’t write it up, but it’s just too cute. I love seeing it sit on my desk.

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Image of DIY wood block photo holder

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