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Image of kids rolling dough for Halloween cookies
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Break the kids boredom this fall with these fantastic fall activities for kids. Perfect for toddlers or preschoolers, these indoor and outdoor craft ideas will keep them busy. Grab your free printables to get started.

I’m going to share some super fun fall boredom busters with you in this post. Why fall in particular? Well, there is nothing like being outside in the crisp autumn air. But sometimes the weather isn’t what we hope and it’s too cold, rainy, or windy to be out.

These playful (and easy) autumn activities you can do with your kids help to keep everyone engaged and connected.

The best thing about the suggestions I have for you today is that they’re not only boredom busters for kids. They’re perfect for families to do together.

That’s what’s most important, right? Spending time with one another making memories. I think it’s nice that the weather creates those occasions for us to remember how to slow down and be together.

Break the kids boredom this fall with these fantastic fall activities for kids. Perfect for toddlers or preschoolers, these indoor and outdoor craft ideas will keep them busy. Grab your free printables to get started. #boredombuster #fallactivites #kidcrafts

Fall Activities for Kids

Rhyming Tic Tac Toe

I’ve created a printable Tic Tac Toe game with rhyming riddles. Your kiddos have to guess the riddle to get the clue and then find the right spot on the card.

For one child, have them play both cards so they can answer all the riddles.

Tip: For more than one player, mix up the clues to be sure everyone has a chance to win.

Autumn Make, Bake, and Share

Whip Up Some Cookies

Make sure you always have the baking ingredients and tools on hand so you’re prepared for an indoor kind of day. It’ll save you, believe me!

Of course, have the kids help in all the mixing and baking and especially the decorating. Will their treats be fairly frightening to look at? Probably. But that’s half the fun.

Image of kids rolling dough for Halloween cookies

Decorate Cookie Containers

Use any small containers you have around the house and let the kids decorate them in fall colors. They may want to cut out pumpkin or leaf shapes and glue them on, or paint them in vivid fall colors.

Lay everything out for them and let them choose what to use and how to do it.

Fill it up with cookies the family has made and decorated together. (Sorry Dad, but this means you, too!)

Let your kids decide who they would like to bless with homemade cookies.

Some people to suggest:

  • Police Officers
  • Firefighters
  • EMTs
  • Friends
  • Neighbors
  • Grandparents
  • Postal carrier
  • Garbage collectors

Boredom Buster Board Games

Well THAT was a mouthful! Try saying it 3 times fast!

Board games that families play together create such sweet memories. They really do. Get some new ones that you only pull out when the weather is yucky and they’ll think you’re the best mom ever.

Add special fall snacks and you get bonus mom points. Apples and caramel, popcorn with Reese’s Pieces mixed in, maybe even make some s’mores inside.

Supplies for Fall Boredom Busters

I’ve made a list of things you may want to grab now so that you’re stocked up and ready for anything the cold, rainy weather may bring.

Cookie Cutters: This set of cookie cutters from Amazon not only have Fall shapes, but all sorts of shapes for the rest of the year. It’s a really good value.

Cookie Decorations: Wilton Fall Sprinkles Mix features beautiful fall colors, and an easy container for the kids to use. 

Decorating Supplies: This 42 piece set has everything you and the kids will need all year long, PLUS it’s really affordable. 

Treat Containers: Here’s why I love these: they’re adorable, inexpensive, and are plain white so they can be decorated however kids want. Even better, they can be used throughout the year. 

Every kiddo should have an apron! I like this one in particular. It’s inexpensive, and it’s also perfect for kids to decorate themselves.

Board Game: Four Seasons of The Year is the perfect addition to your board game arsenal. It’s all about nature and great for little ones. 

What do you think of these fall boredom busters? Anything here you might like to try when the weather forces you inside? I hope so! Happy fall, y’all!

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