11 Easy DIY Toddler Halloween Costume Ideas

These easy DIY toddler Halloween costume ideas are TOO CUTE and look so easy to make!

Over the last week I’ve been in full Halloween costume searching mode. One week it was 95 degrees and the next it was a high of 68 — and in my books that calls for pumpkin spice lattes and Halloween costume prep. So here we are. Last year Clara went as supergirl and her baby friend also happened to be supergirl. They were just too cute!! It was a costume that someone randomly passed down to us before she was born so there wasn’t much planning involved though.

This year though — well that’s another story. I just have no idea what she should be. Do we go with the giraffe theme one more time knowing that she’ll definitely have an opinion about what she wants to be next year? Or do I go with something more simple that we can DIY?

So since I’ve been perusing and gathering ideas, I figured I might as well share with you some of my favorite easy, costume ideas for toddlers I’ve found!

So here we go…

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BUT FIRST…just a little update…check out this cutie pants and her no-sew giraffe costume I threw together for Halloween this year. Love it!! And it’s so easy you can do it too!

Little girl in DIY Halloween costume image.


1. 80s Workout Costume

This little workout outfit is way too cute and so simple to DIY! All you need to do is head to your local thrift store and you should be able to find plenty of old clothes for your toddler that fit the look.

Little girl in 80s workout Halloween costume.


2. Bee Costume

All you need is a black shirt, yellow duct tape, and some yellow tulle to make a skirt. Once you have the clothing figured out then you can DIY the headband and pick up some little fairy wings. Too cute!

Little girl in DIY bee costume image.


3. Black Cat Costume

A cat was always my go-to Halloween costume…wasn’t it every little girl’s though? But anyways, this little girl is precious and her momma provides the full tutorial on how to make your own little cat costume on her blog, Do It Yourself Divas.  Clara might just have to go as a little kitty cat.

Little girl in DIY black cat costume image.


4. Mary Poppins Costume

This costume may take a little more work to find the perfect outfit but holy cuteness! How darling is this little gal?!

Little girl in DIY Mary Poppins costume image.

5. Owl Costume

This little owl costume will take a little bit of seamstress work but is too cute! Plus, if you plan on a cold evening of trick-or-treating this is a great idea to keep your little one warm. Find the full tutorial from This Heart of Mine here.

Toddler in DIY owl costume image.


6. Raggedy Ann Costume

Oh my cuteness! How adorable is this?! You can get some cheap red and white striped tights off Amazon for under $10. You can also get some red yarn here. Then, all you need is to find a vintage little blue dress and white apron. So adorable! See more pictures of this cute costume here.

Little girl in DIY Raggedy Ann costume image.


7. Madeline Costume

These sisters are the dang cutest! I don’t know about you, but I loved Madeline as a little girl. This takes me back to my childhood. This would actually be a pretty simple Halloween costume to DIY if you can sew. See more pictures on EricaHolland.com.

Plus, I found the perfect little hat you could use here on Amazon. 

Two little girls in DIY Madeline costume image.


8. Superman Costume

All you need is some red shorts, a superman shirt, and a red cape. I found this basic Superman kid’s shirt for under $15 on Amazon. Check out more pictures of this cute little trick-or-treater on The Barefoot Baker. 

Little boy in DIY Superman costume image.


9. Shark Costume

Another simple DIY costume. All you need is a gray hooded track outfit and some white felt to add teeth to the hood. Get the full tutorial from Make It Love It.

Little boy in DIY shark costume image.


10. Peter Pan Costume

Who doesn’t love Peter Pan?! Plus, this little guy with his white blonde hair…precious! Check out the full tutorial here on Babble to make your own Peter Pan costume.

Little boy in DIY Peter Pan costume image.

And there we have it, friends! 11 easy toddler costumes! You cannot go wrong with any of these! I can’t decide between Raggedy Ann or the little cat…too cute! Which one is your favorite?


Toddler Halloween costumes image.


Have you ever made an easy DIY toddler Halloween costume?

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Not convinced you should DIY it this year? Amazon has tons of darling costume ideas for reasonable prices. Check them all out here!

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