How to Make a Homemade Giraffe Costume

Learn how to make a giraffe costume DIY for your toddler this Halloween! This easy, no-sew costume is so cute and simple!

Realizing that this may very well be the last year I get to decide what my 22 month is for Halloween I decided to actually put some thought into it, and whaddya know — it turned out stinking cute! And it was just too good to not share!

So although we’re still a week before Halloween, I thought I’d throw together this quick post in case you’re at a loss for what to do for your little one. There’s still time to Amazon Prime everything you need to make your own no sew giraffe costume!

Little girl in DIY Halloween costume image.


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Clara has loved running around in her tulle skirt this week so much so that I think I need to make a few more skirts for her to play dress up in. They’re that easy to throw together!! Here’s what you’ll need!

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Here’s what you’ll need:

Being exhausted 33 weeks pregnant with a toddler, let’s just say there’s pretty much an Amazon package showing up at my door practically every day. I am not ashamed to admit that this whole costume was thrown together with things that I ordered from Amazon at the end of last week.

I’m sure you can figure it out based on your child, but here’s the measurements for what I did for the tulle skirt for my 25 pound 22 month old.

  • 25 Cream Tulle strips 6″ wide cut at 23″ long
  • 16 Brown Tulle strips 6″ wide cut at 23″ long
  • 18″ of 1/4″ elastic

Tulle, brown shirt, elastic, scissors, safety pin image.

Once you’ve measured your child and cut the elastic the right length, you just need to start tying the tulle to the elastic. The best way to do it is fold your tulle strip in half, tuck it under the elastic band, pull the tails through the loop, and tighten. Work your way around the elastic band with one color and then go through with the second color so you get them evenly spaced based on how full you want your skirt.

Hands working with tulle image.

Tying tulle through elastic image.

Tulle tied to elastic image.

As you can see I did two cream tulle strips and then one brown tulle strip alternating around the entire band. When I hit the spot where the safety pin is, I just attached the tulle directly over the pin to hide it.

Neutral shakes of tulle image.

And that’s it! Come time to go trick or treating we can just throw on her darling little outfit and off we go.

Seeing as she hasn’t wanted to take off the giraffe ears since they showed up in the mail last week, I’d say it’s safe to assume she loves her costume!

Smiling little girl in a giraffe headband image.

And since I am loving making video tutorials lately, I thought I’d throw this one together for you. Check it out! Seriously, so easy.

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