One Room Challenge Week Three: Painting Decisions!!

Paint, paint, and more paint. Over the last few week’s I’ve purchased more paint then I’d care to admit. We’re onto week 3 of the One Room Challenge and I’m so happy with how the room is turning out! Today I want to share with you how we finally found the perfect paint color and what I would do differently next time!

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably noticed on Instagram stories our gray paint debacle. GUYS! Choosing the perfect gray is so hard!! When I went to Orchard Supply Hardware to check out the gray paint I figured no big deal. “I know exactly in my head what I want the room to look like so it won’t be a problem. Just pick a light gray with cool tones. Easy peasy!”

Well, 4 trips to the store, lots of debating with the husband, and 5 paint samples later we finally found the perfect gray! As you can see, that ugly antique white — pretty much yellow — on the wall before just had to go.

The secret to finding the PERFECT paint color — Learn from my mistakes and DO THIS the next time you need to find a new paint color!

First I started with Benjamin Moore Silent Night. I mean with my unending love for Christmas it was bound to be a perfect match — WRONG! It was pretty but too dark. I also got a sample of Benjamin Moore Eternity that looked gorgeous on the paint swatch. Once it was on the walls though it was way too dark!

Then came Benjamin Moore Sidewalk Gray — a good idea but too purple in an already purple filled room. Next!

I headed back to Orchard Supply and decided to go with a lighter shade hoping it would be perfect once it was on the walls. Benjamin Moore Graytint was nice but too close to white. Try again.

Finally, I took my husband back to the store with me and compared all the gray color swatches to the colors we had already tried and settled on trying Benjamin Moore Pelican Gray. Ironically, it’s the shade between Graytint 1611 and Silent Night 1613.

This girl was such a trooper with all the back and forth trips!!

The secret to finding the PERFECT paint color — Learn from my mistakes and DO THIS the next time you need to find a new paint color!

After testing it on the wall at 11 o’clock one night, we went to bed hopeful that would be the winner. Lucky for us it was!! But did it really have to be that difficult? Here’s what I discovered!

The secret to finding the PERFECT paint color — Learn from my mistakes and DO THIS the next time you need to find a new paint color!

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The Secret to Finding the Perfect Paint Color

As you saw in my week one update, choosing the color scheme for Clara’s toddler room was easy once I found this comforter on sale at Target, I just knew it would be the perfect color piece to base the room around. I had heard about the color matching system at Orchard Supply Hardware so when it came time to choose accent paint colors for accessories and decor in the room, I marched my way into Orchard Supply, comforter in hand, and they were able to match the purple and teal perfectly! It totally took the stress out of finding the “perfect” shade and having to go through again what we did when finding a gray.

Y’all, I’ve learned my lesson!

Next time I need to find the perfect paint color, don’t waste time with color swatches but instead find something you love that is the perfect shade for the paint you’re wanting and take it to Orchard Supply for them to match. I actually had them match the light purple and teal from the comforter and the dark purple from one of Clara’s favorite blankies my sister crocheted her before she was born.

I love how the colors match exactly and I don’t have to worry about whether or not the colors will all go together in the room and with all the accessories she already has in her purple nursery.

The secret to finding the PERFECT paint color — Learn from my mistakes and DO THIS the next time you need to find a new paint color!

Here’s just a little FYI that I loved…Orchard Supply has two options when you’re doing color matching.

Option 1: Have an item scanned and the machine will spit out the exact color formula to match.

Option 2: Have an item scanned and the machine will spit out close matches

The reason you would go with option 2 is if you planned on going to another store later and wanting the same paint. Unless you have the exact color formula it will be hard to match again so if you compare the colors option 2 gives you to the item you’re matching, you’ll have a name for the color but won’t have to go searching for the perfect shade. The color may be a little bit off but will be hard to notice unless they paint and item or right next to each other.

So here’s what we got for the room:

  • Benjamin Moore Natura Eggshell in Pelican Gray
  • Benjamin Moore  Advance Semi-Gloss in Plum Royale
  • Benjamin Moore Advance Semi-Gloss in Carolina Plum
  • Benjamin Moore Advance Semi-Gloss Poolside Blue
  • Benjamin Moore Advance Semi-Gloss Simply White
  • Benjamin Moore Fresh Start Primer

I am so excited with the colors we chose and am ready to see the whole room start coming together now! If you don’t know, Benjamin Moore has a new paint line called Natura. It’s zero-VOC, which is practically unheard of. Did you know that once the color pigment is added to the base paint, it typically negates the zero-VOC the paint companies claim they have? I didn’t know that either! Well, Natura color is all VOC free so you don’t have that problem! The kind man behind the desk at Orchard Supply told me that helpful little tidbit. I highly recommend the Natura paint, especially for kid rooms.

As you can see in this week’s progress update video we also got two cube organizers set up in the corner of her room. The 2×3 bookshelf is going to be perfect to house all of Clara’s book and toys. The 1×2 cube organizer we turned on it’s side and is going to make the perfect reading bench for Clara. Next up is to find some cute fabric so that I can make a seat cushion for her new reading bench.

And maybe my favorite thing of this entire room makeover….we got her chandelier and it’s even more stunning than I imagined!! I’ll get better pictures once the whole room is put together but I just couldn’t bare having the chandelier in a box one more night so we stayed up late last night hanging this bad boy and all 96 strings of crystals. Such a difference it makes!

See the design plan for our One Room Challenge Toddler Chic Bedroom makeover for our little girl in this Montessori-inspired room.Toddler Bedroom Makeover chandelier
It may not look like we’ve done a whole ton this past week but it was actually insanely busy! We are in the middle of three different projects for this room that have taken over my garage and many more that are planned but not yet started. It’s going to be a busy few weeks getting everything done!! Here’s our updated project list in case you’re keeping track…

Project List

  • Clear out room
  • Paint room including closet
  • Create feature wall — started but not finished
  • Makeover old dresser — all hardware is off, new hardware bought, dresser is primed
  • Build reading bench — got this cubby from Orchard Supply that is perfect!!
  • Make bench seat cushion
  • Make rocking chair cushion
  • Build bookshelves
  • Make giraffe growth chart & paint — follow Instagram stories for updates on this fun project!
  • Make “Clara’s Kitchen” sign — designed, now we need to make it
  • Make above bed graphic art — canvas made, design created, time to put it altogether
  • Build cornice board & install
  • Make gallery wall frames & paint
  • Buy chandelier & hang — seriously IN LOVE with the chandelier I’m about ready to move in myself!!!
  • Buy easel & paint frame
  • Hang window curtains
  • Have Clara’s artwork
  • Make fabric tassel garland & hang
  • Buy coat hooks & install
  • Create gallery wall
  • Accessorize!

Be sure to check out all of the other ORC plans! There are so many amazing projects underway and I love seeing the progress everyone is making!

One Room Challenge

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  1. You’re right, there are SO many different shades of grey out there. We just painted our bedroom walls grey and having gone through the process, I’m so glad we got samples for our walls instead of relying on paper swatches. I love your new light and the grey color you chose!

  2. That light fixture is good times! Tell me about those paint troubles! I had similar troubles this summer, and grey is so hard! do you want it with blue, yellow, green undertones?! who knows?!

    1. Yes!! Exactly! So many different factors playing into it. And how is the lighting and morning light or evening….so many decisions!

  3. I love the new lighting, looks wonderful! Paint color is perfect, good job. I am looking forward to how seeing how this room comes together.

  4. There are SO many shades of gray it’s so hard to choose the perfect one! I didn’t know Orchard Supply could match colors like that, and the similar colors option is great, too.

  5. Colour matching is the BEST thing ever! The grey for our nursery was SO hard to choose…. we ended up mixing colours ourselves.

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