Graduation Party

Graduation only comes once (well for us at least hopefully), so we decided to go big and do a joint grad party for people to come celebrate with us! We set the date and I started pinning. Sadly, it rained the day of our event so we quickly moved the party into a room at our home town church but I’d say it was still a hit.
I found this frame at a local antique store. I then bought a piece of plywood and painted it with chalkboard paint. I love that it can totally be used again.
Since the party was right after church, we decided to do a full meal: pulled pork sandwiches and lots of snacks and desserts. Since this was more of a hang out party, we wanted mainly easy finger food.
We had veggie sticks in cups with ranch that included carrot sticks, bell pepper sticks, and celery. On the fruit side, we went with the ever-so-popular rainbow fruit skewers and watermelon wedges.
The drink was super easy and tasted like spa water…yum! Water with fresh strawberries and pineapple slices. We figured this would be our last opportunity to do a joint party where we both were the center of attention so figured it was safe to use up the rest of our wedding napkins from 2 years ago.
Dessert Table
And what’s a party without desserts? So of course half of the room was for those lovely treats. The day before the big party we spent making angel food cake skewers…and boy were they tasty!!
We also made marshmallow skewers using pretzel sticks. We set up bowls with toppings and melting chocolate and got to work. Thankfully we had lots of family around to help with prep work. We used regular chocolate melts, white chocolate melts, and orange chocolate melts.
I think my favorite combination was the smore: milk chocolate, graham cracker crumbs, and mini chocolate chips.
The week prior to the big shindig, mr g and I spent our evenings making these adorable graduation cap pops. We found a square candy mold at Michael’s that we used to make the cap tops. Once they were finished hardening, we used mini m&m’s, reese’s peanut butter cups, and twizzlers to build the cap. I melted chocolate melts to use as the glue. The day of the party we then stabbed them with toothpicks that went into styrofoam that was hiding under the fabric.
The spot the kids loved most was the frosting cake cone station. We had lots of toppings in small glass cups left over from the marshmallow sticks and we prebaked funfetti cones and brownie cones.
Our school colors were orange and black so obviously we went with that color scheme. I also threw in some greys to make it a little more exciting. I made circle strings using a 1 and 2 inch paper punch like this to hang around the room.

I also took my most despised class textbooks, math and economics, cut up their pages, and sewed them together with orange ribbon to make bunting flags. Since our party was after the actual graduation day, I printed photos from grad and put them around the room in mason jars and frames.

At the main entrance we had a table that held our diplomas and blank quilt squares that my mother-in-law is putting together filled with messages from our guests.
And one last tidbit I feel was blog worthy, Michelle Obama was our commencement speaker!! How cool is that?! And seriously, she was fantastic. Even my very conservative, Republican grandparents thought she had some good things to say.

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15 thoughts on “Graduation Party

  1. Wow! I actually planned to make the marshmallow skewers using a pretzel stick this weekend as a gift to my friends. So I decided to search for sample photos. And I got to this page..Those mallows skewers are exactly what I was thinking I am gonna be doing. They looked so beautiful from my memory but seeing your shots, they look even more beautiful.

  2. linking my blog to your post for the strawberry skewers (my sister found your post on pinterest and we made them for my baby shower)!! oh, and totally using some of your ideas for my grad party in two weeks. loving the marshmallows :)


    1. Hi Taylor!

      Thanks for sharing! Your baby shower looked great!! Congratulations on the little one (a year later)! :) Can’t wait to see how the grad party turns out.


  3. Oh my heavens. Everything on here looks amazing! You did such a great job and paid attention to detail. Thank you for linking this to Saturday Dishes! I will be featuring your post next week (if that is okay) when we link up again!!!

  4. Wow, this looks amazing! I love the chocolate dipping station….yum! Great idea that people can make up their own…too many yummy selections to choose from tho!
    Would love for you to share at our Marvelous Monday link party at Smart Party Planning :-)

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