He Calls Her Princess

Never in my wildest imagination did I think I could love my husband more than when he would spend hours doting on me through this pregnancy. Fill my water bottle countless times each day. Prop my feet up. Shove pillows behind my back. Make me breakfast, lunch, and dinner. (One of the many perks of him working from home.) Offer a hand to get off the couch. Out of bed. From the car. And the list goes on.

Until this baby was born.

Since that day a week ago I could watch him for hours snuggle our little girl. Call her princess. Tell her she’s beautiful. Perfect. His girl.

I never knew watching him love her would make me love him so much more. It melts my heart. Makes tears fill my eyes. The love that just boils out of him as he rubs noses with her or always seems to have the magic touch to soothe her.

Right now, I am still stuck on the couch for about another week being just a milk machine and healing while he holds down the fort, cares for me and Clara. And somewhere hopefully he is able to catch some shuteye and nibbles to eat.

This man is amazing and I know I don’t tell him nearly enough. So thank you husband. Thank you for having listening ears when I’m having a hormonal breakdown and think I can’t do this mom thing. Thank you for lending a shoulder to cry on. A helping hand when I feel like I can’t take another step. Thank you for changing every poopy diaper without a complaint and mastering the art of swaddling with no lessons.

We have officially made it one week as parents and for that I am grateful you are by my side.

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  1. So sweet! My first daughter was born on my husband’s 25th birthday–his favorite present ever!

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