How to Hide TV Cords Once and For All!

There is nothing that messes up a beautiful room like a mess of cords. Here is a simple way on how to hide tv cords in the wall.

There are a lot of different ways to cover them up and make them disappear, but a lot of them are tacky and many cost way more than they should.

When we built our new floating shelves we knew we needed to hide those ugly tv cords and what we ended up doing was simple, classy, and most importantly, cheap on how to hide tv cords.

Let me show you how you can do it too!

How to hide ugly TV cords image.

What you need to hide tv cords:

The lovely thing about the wall plates is that they come with a handy little stencil that allows you to cut the hole to exactly the right size. It really doesn’t matter where you put the wall plate as long as it is hidden and gets the cords where you need them to be.

We put ours right behind the tv and then on the side wall right above the bottom floating shelf.

Since writing this post, I realized that we should have put an electrical outlet behind the tv rather than the cords through the wall. Please be sure to check with your state code before putting an electrical cord through the wall.

Don’t want to cut through sheetrock? This cover would also work great for hiding the cords.

TV mounted on wall image.


1. Decide

Start by deciding where you want your cords to go. Look on the back of your tv and preferably put your hole right where the cords hook up to the tv. The other hole should be near the cable box.

2. Cut Sheetrock

Once you’ve decided where they go, use your sheetrock saw and cut out your holes.

Sheetrock saw cut Sheetrock image.

Rectangle cut in wall with cords image.

3. Hide

Now, put all your cords inside the flexible tube and slide your tube from one hole to the other. If you’re having a hard time maneuvering them, use a wire hanger or rope to pull them through.

4. Attach

Once you get the cords and flexible tubing through the bottom hole, put all the cords through the wall plate and screw it in to the wall.

You don’t have to worry about screwing the wall plate into a stud since the sheetrock screws have little wings that fly out and grip the sheetrock when you tighten the screws.

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TV and cable wires image.

Once you get the cords through, plug in the cables wherever they belong and you’re done!

Now you’ve learned how to hide tv cords with this simple way!

Definitely one of the easiest spruces done in our house so far.

TV mounted on wall with no cords showing image.

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9 thoughts on “How to Hide TV Cords Once and For All!

  1. This looks great! I have one question though. As you were feeding the cords in the flexible tubing from one hole to another, didn’t you run into studs? How did you overcome this?


    1. They didn’t hit studs because it’s above a drywall fireplace. Completely hallow box on the inside.

      A few notes: it’s against code (and generally a bad idea) in almost every state to run a power cords through the wall. You should install an electrical outlet behind the TV.

      Consider longer cables as most cables you probably have are 6 ft and that’s going to be tight.

      It was mentioned to not worry about studs, and that is correct for what was being described but it should be said that if mounting the TV for the first time, please hit studs for the mounting bracket. Cut in your low voltage existing construction box and pass through wall plate away from the stud and make sure it’s clear of your mounting bracket arms or the TV may tilt backward if it’s on a thin mount.

      Otherwise a decent write up but a little over simplified.

  2. Hi, I really like the idea. But with the solid walls in the old world there is no way I could do this )-;

  3. Thank you for adding that note that this might not be up to electrical code. I had also routed wires behind a wall years ago and didn’t realize it might be a code violation until I read your post.

    I did some research and it turns out that running power cords behind a wall is never up to code and if there is a fire, it’s one of the things an insurance company will look for so they can void your policy and avoid a pay out.

    Thank you for the information!

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