Discover the Top Lego Decorations DIY Projects

Did you know that the name LEGO was derived from the first two letters of the Danish word “Leg Godt,” meaning “play well”? Given how it successfully caters to every age group in more than 140 countries around the world, it is no surprise that more and more people are now engaging in Lego decorations DIY projects.

Why opt for Lego Decorations DIY Projects?

  • Versatility is the main factor behind the popularity of Lego decoration DIY projects. Now you can design almost anything using its wide range of plastic blocks and bricks available in different sizes, shapes and colors. All you need is your imagination. 
  • Using Lego for crafts enhances imagination and creativity among both children and adults. It empowers the youth to develop a creative mindset while helping adults to get rid of all the unwanted stress.
  • Lego’s manufacturer’s collaboration with top-notch brands over the years has made Lego popular beyond imagination. From Harry Potter to Star Wars and even Doc Brown’s DeLorean range, you can get Lego sets to satisfy almost any age group today. 
  • Lego helps by serving as a great stress buster. It removes all the worries and magically transforms your drenched and weary state into a relaxed being. Moreover, it is even said to increase your focus and imagination.

Top Lego Decoration Ideas for Your Home

Lego Room Dividers: the ultimate solution to your privacy problems 

Building a Room Divider as a Lego decoration DIY project is a great idea, especially if you live in a small apartment or even share a room with your siblings. The room dividers provide an excellent solution to your need for privacy, and what better way to attain this than by building one yourself? Luckily functional plastic Lego building blocks are just as sturdy as your ply board and can help convert open space into a private little haven. 

Moreover, you can even customize these dividers by using different colors, sizes, and shapes by manipulating the Lego blocks according to your taste preferences. What’s even better is that you don’t need a glue gun or any kind of tool that can make things tricky. Simply use the power of self-belief and imagination and engage your kids in this simple yet useful Lego decoration DIY project. 

Lego Artwork: exposing the hidden artist inside you 

lego artwork

The second idea on our list is a great way to unleash the hidden artist inside a tough business person or even a stay-at-home mom. Using Lego art as a hobby keeps a mind relaxed and can even be adopted in place of meditation. Not only this but engaging in creating a fine piece of Lego artwork also serves as a great alternative to screen time. You can use Lego bricks and blocks of different sizes and shapes to design a model of your choice. 

From trying different wall art ideas to even creating unique centerpieces, this cost-effective Lego decoration DIY project allows you to express your hidden world of imagination and ideas while decorating your home in the most unique and fascinating ways possible.

Lego Table

Impressing your guests by serving them on a Lego table made by your kids is a proud moment for any parent. From guest rooms to patios and even your kid’s nursery, Lego tables can serve as a classic fun accessory in almost any part of your home. Entertainment can be enhanced while enjoying quality family time with your loved ones. Moreover, almost all family members can participate in this DIY project. 

While Lego tables are typically made with coffee tables, you can also make them using wood. If you are still confused about the procedure and how these are made, simply follow the instructions or watch a YouTube video to get amazing crafty ideas. 

Lego Key-holder 

Let’s face it! Getting late for work and not being able to find your car keys is something we’ve all been through one too many times. Recall the last time you were ready for a dinner or a party and were late just because you didn’t remember where you kept the keys. As much as we deny this can certainly be an irritating moment. 

However, choosing to build a Lego key-holder as your next Lego Decoration DIY project can help you eliminate this problem for good. All it takes is following a few simple steps and what’s even better is that you can get the kids to participate as well.

Simply use Lego blocks to make the base for the key holder and add screws or plastic holders to hang your keys on it. Trust me! You will never misplace your keys if you make it a habit to hang them on this homemade, tailored Lego key holder.

Lego Backsplash

lego decorations diy

Do you want to add some colors to your life? Add a Lego background to your bedroom to make it more authentic and eye-catching. After all, it’s human nature to get attracted by colorful and vibrant things. Supplicate your nature by adding some vibrant colors to your life.

Besides making your bedroom attractive, you can add colors to your kitchen. Try customizing your kitchen wall by choosing the color, shape, and size of your Lego blocks according to your choice. Lego baseplates are best for this purpose. Convert your kitchen into a premium version without spending too much on expensive decoration pieces and DIYs.

Lego Lamps

Lego lamps have become increasingly popular over the past couple of years. Apart from being functional and aesthetically pleasing, they are also relatively easier to design and are something the whole family can participate in.

You can easily convert simple Lego plastic blocks into beautiful lamps. You only need a creative mind, spare time, and some Lego plastic blocks. Once collected, simply pile the blocks one over the other, giving the dome the round shape and adding colors of your choice. Keep the lamp on your nightstand to get positive vibes and appreciate your craftsmanship every time you look at it.

Lego Clock 

Clocks are undoubtedly an essential part of a room. But did you know that you can make a fully functional clock by simply putting together pieces of a Lego? Apart from serving a great Lego decoration DIY project for the weekend, you can also save a lot of money that would have gone into buying clocks from the market. You must purchase Lego bricks online or from a nearby store and adjoin the blocks together to get your customized design of any size and shape. 

Lego Tissue Box 

In addition to different artwork, you can also use Lego to create unique pieces of home décor items to add a little exclusivity and imagination to your homes. One of the most popular Lego DIY home décor projects involves making a tissue box. You can design them in different colors and sizes for different rooms, such as the bedroom, dining table or even one for the guest room, which will definitely attract your guest’s attention. 

To do this, start by collecting Lego blocks and bricks, which are enough to be turned into the shape of a box – Once done, fill the box with colorful tissues. In case you get stuck, there are plenty of tutorials to guide you.

Lego Fruit Tray 

If you plan to go on a picnic and make it more colorful and joyous, why not add a little Lego decoration DIY project to your picnic plans, like making a fruit tray with Legos? You can organize a competition on who would make a fruit try first and then give a prize to the winner. This will make the day more memorable and encourage a productive and creative environment. In addition, Lego bricks are great when used as a tray to carry your food. All you need is to put together 20 by 30-centimeter base plates to get a unique fruit tray.

Lego Bags 

As opposed to chic Louis Vuitton and Burberry bags, did you know that you can also make a stylish, one-of-a-kind handbag from Legos? Simply get a hold of some Lego blocks of your own choice and mold them into some stylish handbags. 

Trust me! Your little girls would love to carry a Lego bag to their next ballet class or even flaunt it around in the neighborhood. Moreover, Lego bags don’t necessarily have to be limited to kids. Adopt a unique style and surprise your friends on your next coffee date. 

Who knows, maybe your friends will be so impressed that they start looking forward to making a Lego handbag as their next Lego decoration DIY project. 

The Bottom Line

When it comes to bolstering creativity and imagination, free building from a pile of mismatched Legos is a great place to start. Not only this, but most of the artwork and craft created using Lego helps decorate your surroundings and allows you to embark on a fun-filled yet cost-effective activity with your family. 

So, if you haven’t tried experimenting with Legos yet, the above-mentioned Lego decorations DIY ideas are a great place to start. So choose one that sounds the most appealing to you and plan a productive fun-filled family activity for the weekend. 

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