My First and Last Trip to Hobby Lobby

For my birthday this year, my sister {who can I just say is the freaking best at presents!!} said we were taking a day trip to go explore Hobby Lobby for the first time since a new one just went in two hours away and I had $40 to spend.

Well the day came. I was super excited to see what all the hype was about and find something for my craft room.
Burlap & Babies Hobby Lobby Trip


Let’s just say, I was not impressed by the time I left.
At first glance it just seemed like a glorified Michael’s. Much larger but other than that not much different. As we started wandering the aisles I decided it was the Walmart of craft stores. They had some nice displays. Offered more of everything. But was, all in all, pretty trashy and even with all the 40% and 50% off signs scattered on practically every other aisle, they’re prices still didn’t compare to Michael’s. Plus they both offer 40% coupons on one item through they’re app.
I did, however, find this adorable giraffe wall art that I’m going to paint purple to put in little ones room. With the 40% off coupon, it made the art more reasonable but typically I would NEVER spend more than $15 on wall art and even with the coupon it was still $30.
Burlap & Babies Hobby Lobby Trip

So did I miss something? Is there something more to Hobby Lobby that I didn’t see? 

Because if not, I think I can officially say hello and goodbye to Hobby Lobby. Nice to meet you, but I think Michael’s and I will stay better friends.

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8 thoughts on “My First and Last Trip to Hobby Lobby

  1. Nope! I’m not a fan either but unfortunately our Michael’s and JoAnn’s are pretty tiny with poor selections so I am forced to go, especially for frames. The decor quality is horrible, the prices are ridiculous (unless you have a coupon), the lines are always long, and the icing on top is that I had someone try to snatch my purse in their parking lot earlier this year. “Walmart” is a spot-on descriptive.

  2. I just stopped by from the link up! When I was in college there were Hobby Lobbies everywhere, and they were really nice [where I went to college] and very expensive. They were more like a Home Goods and Micheal’s mix, but the ones near my hometown are a little trashy. I guess, just like with any store, it depends on the area. If it’s a nicer area, then the store will probably be nicer [even the Walmarts sometimes]! There was a store called Addam’s where I bought all of my art supplies during college and I miss it so much! So now I just stick to Micheal’s for my art supply needs :)

    1. I so feel you! We had our favorite small town craft store in college too and moving back to the city was just so different! I miss it! And the fact the employees knew our names and our likes and dislikes. If we ever get a Hobby Lobby in a different town around here I’ll maybe have to try it out to see if it’s any different.

  3. Aww this is so sad! The hobby lobby by my house has very nice things, and is in fact one of my favorite stores for craft supplies, party supplies, and home decor. What a disappointment to drive two hours and not be impressed! This just happened to me with a Vera Bradley outlet that just opened a half hour away, so I feel you pain.

  4. I am so surprised to hear this! Every hobby lobby I’ve ever been in is really nice and way more affordable than Michael’s or Joann’s! We just had a hoblob open in our city a few weeks ago and it is SO nice and I love it! Maybe you should try a different store before you write it off totally?! Sorry you didn’t have a great experience!

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