Dear Little One #2

Dear Little One | love letters from mommy and daddy

To my sweet little girl,

For the first time last night daddy finally got to feel you!! I’ve felt you kicking and moving for over a month now but every time we put a hand on my belly,  you run and hide. I can already tell you’re going to be a stubborn little one just like your daddy. But last night you were flipping in circles and punching and kicking and swiping an elbow all over.

Our midwife says you still like to hang out really low in my pelvis but once you move up then we should be able to feel you all the time. But until that time, thanks for the show last night little one. Daddy was on cloud 9 getting to feel you finally.

Until you kick again, goodnight sweet little one.


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2 thoughts on “Dear Little One #2

  1. Aren’t those little kicks the best?! I LOVED feeling Jade kick. As she got bigger, and especially in the evening when she was more active, my hubby loved feeling her move. We’d be sitting watching T.V, and we could literally watch my belly rolling with her flipping around inside. SO weird, but so wonderfully amazing! Enjoy every moment. :)

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