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If you are worried you’re in the wrong place, it’s still me. Burlap and Babies is now A Crafted Passion. Sometimes I drag my feet and worry about making the right decision. Other times, I get an idea in my head and go full steam ahead never taking a second to look back. That may have just happened….

Burlap and Babies is now A Crafted Passion

As I’m working my way through Elite Blog Academy again I’ve been pondering the idea of changing my blog’s name for over a year. Now, let me say not once did I utter that out loud. My poor husband was blindsided three days ago when I told him I was up past midnight thinking (never a good idea) and that I wanted to change my name and do a full redesign.

And here we are four days later.

A new name.

A new look.

The same me.

The same great content. (I might be bias a little.)

When I started Burlap and Babies 3 years ago I wanted a place to document my favorite things (hence, burlap and babies the name stemming off the idea of my favorite things from The Sound of Music). Anyways, as this blog has changed through the years, and more importantly I’ve changed I felt like I was stuck in a box and didn’t feel free to write what was on my heart and share what I am passionate about.

Change is hard but SO good!


I have so many ideas rolling around in my head, but first you should just peruse the new site and read some posts you may not have seen for awhile. I am so in love with the new layout and format and couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out.

So welcome to A Crafted Passion: one momma’s journey living life creatively.

Side note: With any change it takes time. I’m working hard to fix any broken links or find errors but if there’s anything you see that I may have missed, please send me an email or fill out my contact form. Thank you for always supporting me and I hope you like the new site as much as I do!

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