How to Overcome Decor Setbacks

4 weeks in, two weeks to go. This One Room Challenge is flying by!! In case you’re new here, check out the past three week’s to see the room, the design plan, and the painting debacle we went through a few weeks ago.

Week 1 | The Room

Week 2 | The Design Plan

Week 3 | Painting Decisions

This past week has been a little nuts! Tomorrow I’m flying to California for a cousin’s wedding so I lose the entire weekend to work on projects so I’ve been cramming in as much as I can before we head out. We’ve had a lot of early morning and late nights lately to get everything done in time. If you’ve been following along on Instagram stories you saw quite a few sneak peeks at projects in the works a few days ago.

As with any project, we’ve had our share of setbacks this past week. Here’s just a few that I can think of off the top of my head…

The vinyl for the feature wall that I had all planned out in my head didn’t look super awesome once I got started working on it. Thankfully Expressions Vinyl to the rescue and I’m super happy with how it’s turning out now!!

The giraffe growth chart we’ve been working on is turning out better than I could have imagined but there have been a lot of trial and errors along the way. I can’t wait to show you the finished product!

P.S. I do not recommend using a jigsaw without the shield. My husband like’s to live life on the edge.

Giraffe growth chart progress

I couldn’t find the perfect fabric I was dreaming of for the bench seat. Don’t worry I found something that is gorgeous and totally fits the toddler chic theme.

And the biggest trial of this last week was that darn old dresser. So as you know, I found the perfect, ugly dresser off Craigslist a few weeks ago. It literally could not fit the space more perfectly size wise and has low drawers for my toddler to be independent. Well, that perfect dresser happens to be too old and had 12 3.5 inch drawer pulls and 8 knobs I was looking to replace. Whaddya know?! 3.5 inch drawer pulls aren’t super common.

After doing rough measurements and falling in love with one chrome drawer pull I realized they were about 1/4 inch off and no matter how much pulling and pushing I couldn’t make them work. I was debating filling the holes and redrilling them in the same spot but was nervous about the old and new hole overlapping.

I had quite the debate with myself for a few days as I tried to figure out what to do and convincing myself to fall out of love with the drawer pulls.

I know, it seems ridiculous, but what was a girl to do! I had my heart set on some shiny chrome pulls after I found the perfect crystal knobs to match. Through it all I learned three things I thought I’d share with you on how to overcome decor setbacks the next time you get stuck. 

3 Tips to Overcome Decor Setbacks — because we know it happens to the best of us! Sometimes you have brilliant ideas and they don't always go as planned. Here's a few ideas to overcome it and week 4 One Room Challenge progress update!

How to Overcome Decor Setbacks

1. Ask trusted friends

I know this seems obvious, but seriously! Think about who has made over furniture in the past (or whatever type of project you’re working on). Who do you trust and can get their honest opinion? Sometimes you just need another person to bounce ideas off of.

I asked friends what they would do and got so many different ideas from them. Thanks ladies!!

2. Ask in social forums

Ask in DIY Facebook groups or post a question with your dilemma on a public DIY forum. I sent in a message to Remodelaholic’s facebook page and the next day they posted my problem on their page with over 400,000+ fans. Within hours I had 50+ replies and more ideas than I knew what to do with on how to handle my drawer pull dilemma.

Remodelaholic Question

3. Pinterest it

We all know I’m a major Pinterest fan! Follow me on Pinterest for lots of DIY inspiration! But do you just use Pinterest for inspiration or do you turn to it for help like you would google something? I’ve started turning to Pinterest before google when I run into a problem and realize usually someone has been through the same thing I’ve been through before and they have suggestions on how they fixed it.

Well, after doing all three of those things I decided to fill all the dresser drawer holes with wood filler and buy new drawer pulls that were either longer than the original holes or much shorter so that the new holes wouldn’t overlap the old ones.

Thankfully, Orchard Supply Hardware has a huge assortment of decorative hardware and I found the perfect 128 mm chrome drawer pulls and I am seriously in love! Now that the new holes are drilled (thanks hubby!) I can do one final coat of paint on the drawer fronts tonight and then check the dresser makeover project off the list. ✔️

Oh, and before I forget again…I NEED YOUR HELP! Check out the dresser picture above!

[clickToTweet tweet=”Should I do the crystal knobs square or diamond? #helpneeded” quote=”Should I do the crystal knobs square or diamond? #helpneeded”]

I can’t decide!! Let me know what you think in the comments below.

We’ve made a lot of progress over the past week and here’s the updated list on what is still left to get done.

Project List

  • Clear out room
  • Paint room including closet
  • Create feature wall — almost done!
  • Makeover old dresser — needs one final coat of paint
  • Build reading bench — got this cubby from Orchard Supply that is perfect!!
  • Make bench seat cushion
  • Make rocking chair cushion
  • Build bookshelves
  • Make giraffe growth chart & paint follow Instagram stories for updates — almost done!
  • Make “Clara’s Kitchen” sign — no progress this week on this sign
  • Make above bed graphic art — canvas made, frame cut, need to paint the quote on
  • Build cornice board & install — built but not installed
  • Make gallery wall frames & paint — frames are made but not painted
  • Buy chandelier & hang
  • Hang window curtains
  • Have Clara make artwork
  • Make fabric tassel garland & hang — bought remnant fabric, need to make them
  • Buy coat hooks & install
  • Create gallery wall
  • Accessorize!

And now for this week’s video update…

Be sure to check out all of the other ORC plans here! There are so many amazing projects and I love seeing the progress everyone is making!

And of course THANK YOU to my One Room Challenge sponsors for partnering with me on this bedroom makeover! This room makeover would not be near as awesome without you!

Orchard Supply Hardware | Mpix | Expressions Vinyl

You can follow along with the toddler chic bedroom progress here:

Week 1 | The Room

Week 2 | The Design Plan

Week 3 | Painting Decisions

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  1. I feel you, I’ve had the slightly off drawer pull issue before too. I’m glad you got it solved! I can’t week to see how the room comes out.
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  2. Week 3 was very much like this for me, so frustrating. Looks like things are coming together though! I like the diamond look for the knobs. Can’t wait to see it done :)

  3. You have been so busy makes my project look small! I am impressed with the jigsaw project! I have been using some Ryobi tool so would love to learn this.

  4. Hello Amanda, This idea is looking fabulous to decorate room. These are the great tips to take challenge for decoration. Keep sharing such post.

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