Simple Marble Fireplace Surround Upgrade

Painting a marble fireplace surround gives you practically instant gratification and update that is so simple and clean. Check out these tips to paint yours!

In case you missed it on Instagram Stories, last week we did a one-day fireplace surround transformation and it totally elevated the whole look of our living room! In less than a days work, we completely transformed the space from start to finish. AND let me remind you we have tiny little humans who keep us very busy and we snuck away to a Harvest party for a couple hours in the middle of the afternoon, so if we can do it in a day, I bet you can too!

If you missed the full reveal, check out this modern fireplace makeover.

Today I want to show you how painting a marble fireplace isn’t difficult at all and can give you a quick transformation.

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Ready to upgrade your fireplace? This modern fireplace makeover idea is perfect using peel and stick wood from Stikwood and some paint! #fireplacemakeover #modernfireplace

All you need is…

Can you spray paint a marble fireplace? YES! It’s seriously so easy!

See how I did it hear with this quick timelapse video.

Paint a Marble Fireplace

First, you need to sand and clean your marble tile fireplace surround. You want to make sure there isn’t any dirt or grime or else you risk the paint not adhering well to it. Sand enough to give it a smooth finish.

After your surround is all sanded, give it a good vacuum to make sure everything is really well clean before you start taping to the area surrounding your fireplace.

Next, you want to tape off and cover everything surrounding your marble with painter’s tape and plastic. I decided to paint all the grates on the fireplace as well as the marble, but you can easily just tape off all the grates too if you just want the marble painted.

I also wanted to paint the bottom part of the fireplace so just taped the plastic directly to the carpet and made sure to step carefully while I worked so I didn’t pull the tape up.

Okay, so the key to painting a marble fireplace facing is the high heat paint. Technically you don’t need the high heat paint if you’re just painting the outside of the fireplace, however, I’d prefer to be on the safer side and know that I’m not risking my home and family using something combustible.

So, once everything was taped off, I used my comfort grip spray paint trigger that I’m seriously in love with! You know after spray painting a few things how your hand starts to cramp up from pressing the nozzle? Just thinking about it makes my fingers start to tingle. Well, it doesn’t with this trigger.

Grab one here.

Plus, I have long fingernails and my pointer fingernail always ends up turning colors under the nail from the spray.

Image of high heat spray paint

Image of painting marble fireplace

Anyways, I just did three light coats of spray paint over the entire fireplace surround waiting about 10-20 minutes between each coat.

Image of fireplace surround

Image of fireplace surround before wood planks

It seriously is that easy! Once the paint is dry, it’s safe to remove the plastic.

I used this high heat flat black spray paint to contrast the light wood colored wall we started on next. Check out this post to see how we did the wall!

Image of black fireplace surround

Common Questions

Can you change the color of marble?

Yes and no. You can’t technically change the marble color, however, you can definitely change the finish of the marble using paint and new grout.

Close up for fireplace surround

Can I paint the interior of my fireplace?

YES! We have a gas fireplace, however, if you have a wood fireplace, you can absolutely paint the inside of your fireplace with this high-heat spray paint. I just recommend you hire a chimney sweep to give your fireplace a thorough cleaning before you paint.

See how we transformed the whole wall surround in just a few hours with Stikwood panels.

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Image of Stikwood Painting a marble fireplace surround gives you practically instant gratification and update that is so simple and clean. Check out these tips to do yours this weekend! #fireplace #fireplaceupdate #marblefireplace

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