High-Contrast Modern Fireplace Makeover

This quick & easy modern fireplace makeover is so great for upgrading your fireplace facing and updating your whole space in less than a days work.

Have you ever thought about updating your fireplace facing? Seems intimidating. When fire and gas lines are involved that’s where I draw the line. Nuh uh. Ever since my grandparent’s house burned down when I was five years old and sleeping in the house two doors down, me and fire are not friends.

However, after 6 years of living in our home, I’ve realized I don’t have to tear down walls in order to upgrade our fireplace. We dedicated one day to giving our fireplace a modern update last weekend and I’m obsessed!

Let me show you our one-day modern fireplace makeover!

This is what we started with…

Image of boring marble fireplace

This area is the first thing you see when you enter our home and does not show you our style or personality. Seeing as we live about 90% of our day in this room, I decided it was about time it got a little update.

There are many modern fireplace surround ideas that don’t involve an actual new fireplace from painting to tiling to peel and stick wood.

We knew we wanted simple, modern, and low-maintenance.

Marble Tile Update

First, we started with an update to the fireplace surround. We decided we could at least get rid of the tan marble tile since we don’t have it in the budget right now to replace all our carpet with hardwood,

Check out the Fireplace Surround Makeover Here

Image of marble fireplace with painter's tape

Wall Update

Then it was time to update the wall. We talked about just painting, but I really wanted something to add a little texture to the space. I couldn’t have imagined it any better. It was so easy and turned out better incredible!

See the wood transformation here

In less than a days work, we completely transformed our living room space.

Now that we’ve turned my old office into a playroom, my goal is to finish updating and decorating the living room and then I’ll show you the full makeover. I’m hoping to finish before Thanksgiving. For now, here’s a few sneak peeks!

Image of Stikwood

Image of Shutterfly monthly baby photobooks

P.S. These are Maggie’s set of baby books and Clara’s are on the shelf above. Check out my best tips for tracking your baby’s first year of life with pictures here.  They love looking through their baby books and I’m so glad we have these!

So, what do you think of the modern fireplace makeover? Simple, easy update that doesn’t take much time, but is high impact.

I still can’t decide if I want to hang some art above the fireplace. I kinda love the simplicity of keeping it empty. I’d love to know what you think in the comments!

And don’t forget!

See how we painted the fireplace surround here

Check out the wall update here using Stikwood panels

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