The 5 Best Room Decoration Ideas for Anniversary [Plus Tips]

Anniversaries are important – it’s a special time for you to be with your loved one in private as you reminisce about the years that have gone by. It is also an occasion to remind each other how much you love the other and one way of doing this is by keeping the romance alive.

To enjoy this intimate celebration, you need a room reflecting the mood and the occasion. It can be daunting to figure out the appropriate decoration for your anniversary.

But in this article, I will show you some easy room decoration ideas for an anniversary that will leave your partner emotional. If you need tips on how to go about decorating, I cover them extensively in this article.

Top 5 Room Decoration Ideas for Anniversary

Romantic Anniversary Room Decoration

1. Decorate With Flowers

When it comes to decorating a room with flowers for an anniversary, there’s a lot of room for creativity. Flowers are easy to use and you don’t need to be artsy to make them perfect.

For this room decoration idea, place flowers in a vase or spread rose petals around the room. Don’t be afraid to incorporate pink rose petals into your decoration. You can place them on the floor or form a heart shape on the bed with petals.

If your partner has a favorite flower, make sure you incorporate those. You can even greet them at the door with one before leading them to a room.

For additional creativity, get pictures of your favorite memories and pin them on the wall. Don’t just pin the pictures randomly, form a heart shape on the wall with them. You can also place pink or red paper cut hearts around the wall.

Your partner will melt at the sight of a decorated room with flowers and your happy memories, so I suggest you put decorating with flowers at the top of your list of room decoration ideas for your anniversary.

2. Use Paper Cut Hearts

For a creative twist to room decoration ideas for anniversary, decorate with hearts cut out of paper – it’s a fun and beautiful way to decorate your room. It may require a few hours of work, but the end product makes it worth it. If your partner is someone who loves simplicity, you should try this idea.

Make your paper hearts with a mixture of red and pink craft paper. Place them on the wall in a string or hang them from the ceiling at different lengths. Attach ribbons to the end to make them prettier. Don’t cut the hearts in the same size – make a couple of them larger and use the opportunity to pen an emotional note to your loved one.

If you want to set the romantic mood even further, install red LED lights in the room. Not only will this make the room more beautiful, but it will also mix well with the hearts.

If you can’t make paper hearts, you can buy pre-cut ones from Etsy. Paper hearts are romantic and when you pair them with some heartfelt words, it creates something truly magical.

3. Use Balloons

Balloons are one of the easiest room decoration ideas for anniversary. Both genders find them pretty and it’s almost impossible to go wrong with them. They are a must-have for every party or event.

Since there are many colors, shapes, and types of balloons you can choose from, you’re sure to make an impact. I recommend using heart-shaped balloons mixed with round ones. You can also mix red and pink balloons and don’t be afraid to use lots of balloons.

When decorating with balloons, there are three areas you should focus on – the walls, ceiling, and floor. Place the balloons on the walls with ribbons tied to the end or have a big foil balloon with a simple note like “Happy Anniversary!”

For ceiling decorations, use helium balloons so they stay up. When positioning balloons on the floor, keep them minimal – you don’t want your partner stepping on them.

4. LED Candles

LED candles are a current trend and one of our favorite room decoration ideas for anniversary.  LED candles are safe to use since you don’t need to watch for fire, especially when you get distracted.

They come in various colors and sizes and are versatile – you can place LED candles in any room to create the ambiance you need to get the romantic mood going.

There are three rooms you can decorate with LED candles. First is the bedroom, by placing them on the floor along with some rose petals, keeping them near the bed.

You can also LED candles to decorate the bathroom. Put your partner in a relaxing mood by decorating the bathtub with flowers, and candles. Don’t forget the essential oils.

Lastly, if you’ve made a meal for your anniversary, you can decorate the dinner table with LED candles for an added romantic glow.

5. Make a Bed Canopy

A bed canopy is an easy way to decorate your bedroom for your anniversary. It’s simple yet intimate and romantic. You can use a red drape to form a canopy over your bed. On the bed, place personalized gifts for your partner. A great gift idea is making a personalized sign of your wedding vows to celebrate your anniversary.

To increase the romantic mood, place flowers around the room, fairy lights over the bed canopy, or place balloons over the ceiling. You can make a huge love shape on the floor or bed with flower petals and add other decorative elements. There’s enough room to let your creative side shine when using this idea.

Tips for Room Decoration Ideas for Anniversary

loving couple celebrating valentines anniversary

1. Plan Weeks Ahead

Your anniversary should be on your mind weeks before it happens. Keep the date in mind and start making plans for how you intend to execute your room decoration ideas for anniversary in advance.

Doing this gives you time to try out different ideas, see if you’re capable of carrying them out, and decide if you like the result. If you start planning three days before your anniversary, you may find yourself making hasty decisions and being unable to keep up with the plans.

2. Know What Your Partner Likes

Although this article gives you detailed room decoration ideas for anniversary, you should filter the information and tailor it to what your partner likes. Don’t pick a random decorating idea without first considering if your partner is going to like it.

For example, if your partner is not a fan of flowers, don’t decorate the whole room with rose petals. Instead, use rose petals to lead them to the room with the decoration but nothing more than that.

3. Be Spontaneous

An anniversary is a great time to think outside the box and do things you normally wouldn’t. So go ahead and cook a meal, run a bath, write an emotional note, and light a candle for your loved one.

4. Focus on Red

Red is the color of love so that should be your main focus when decorating the room. You can mix red with pink or white but ensure there’s enough red in the room to stand out.


When trying our 5 best room decoration ideas for anniversary, don’t be afraid of being cliché but ensure that your plans complement the kind of person your partner is.

Go big and decorate two or three rooms. For example, decorate the bathroom for a relaxing bath, the dining table for a romantic meal, and then the living room for an intimate movie. It’s best to let your intuition lead you as you incorporate the ideas I’ve listed in this article. Note that it’s fine to hire professional decorators for your big day.

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