10 Great Two-Color Combinations for Bedroom Walls in 2023

The bedroom is an important part of a house and if you’re dissatisfied with the way it looks, it can affect your sleep, comfort, and mood. To ensure this doesn’t happen, pay attention to the way you design your bedroom. One essential aspect to focus on is the color of the walls since it’s impossible to avoid them. 

If you’ve ever tried to paint a bedroom wall, you know it’s hard choosing a color, or worse, two colors that will work together and blend with your room. 

The good news is that you don’t have to do all that thinking and guesswork because we’ve put together ten of the easiest two-color combinations for bedroom walls – plus a bonus combination. We also give you some useful tips and answer your frequently asked questions.

Ten Simple Two-Color Combinations for Bedroom Walls 

1. Muted Green and White 

green walls with white accent

There are so many benefits of painting your room green. Muted or mint green has a relaxing effect and helps a room mirror nature. If you want your room to have a peaceful and calming atmosphere, consider painting it mint green and white. 

These two-color combinations for bedroom walls will boost your mood since they represent tranquility. If you’re someone who has lots of hectic days, just looking at your walls will begin replenishing your energy. Add a few plants around your room to elevate the effect of the colors.

2. Gray and Yellow 

grey and yellow

The two-color combination of gray and yellow for your bedroom walls screams joy and happiness. which makes them great for a kid’s room. When they are on their own, they don’t have the same effect. Gray becomes too dull and yellow is often too bright – but together, you have a balanced color combination. 

Your kid’s bedroom walls painted in gray and yellow will ensure they are happy. It may be best if you add designs of their favorite things on the walls too. Not only will it keep them captivated, but they will also genuinely love their room.

3. Gray and Pink 

Keeping with the theme of shades of gray paint, we have a gray and pink combination for bedroom walls. You might be skeptical about the basic gray taking away from the femininity of the pink but you’re wrong – just like the gray and yellow combination, these two colors don’t do well on their own, but together they work well.

All pink walls may be too feminine or bright. Pink also doesn’t have enough elements to make it stand out on its own. But, pair it with a dark gray pain and you have an outstanding result. Get some soft furnishings and other design elements that will complement the walls. These two-color combinations for bedroom walls can be used by anyone of any age for their personal space.

4. Indigo and White 

Do you need a color that resembles blue? Try indigo – it’s a pretty color that is elegant as well as stylish. On its own, it is quite attractive but mixing it with white takes it to another level. This two-color combination for your bedroom wall is great and especially if you incorporate elements that match the wall. For example, get white furniture or bed sheets that match your walls. These colors are easy to incorporate yet they are classy.

5. White and Black 

White and black is one of the easiest two-color combinations for bedroom walls. It’s almost impossible to go wrong with these colors because of how well they complement each other despite being sharp contrasts. 

Your room won’t look dull with black and white paint, especially if you incorporate design elements that blend well with your walls. For example, you can paint the bedroom walls white and then add black designs all around, or vice versa. You can also use black and white murals on your white walls to make them pop.

6. Dark Blue and White 

two-color combinations for bedroom walls

Different shades of blue have been used by many people for their bedroom walls. We strongly suggest you try darker shades of blue and white on your walls. 

Variations of dark blue and white give a peaceful and serene vibe. If you’re not very creative, these great two-color combinations for bedroom walls are perfect for you since you barely need to do anything to make them pop.

7. Lavender and White 

Lavender is the perfect color for people who want something stylish. Lavender is a beautiful shade and when combined with white, it’s even better. We recommend using two-color combinations for bedroom walls like lavender and white because it’s easy to incorporate into your decor.

8. Peach and White

Peach is a feminine color that represents elegance, softness, and love. It’s also a warm color that can give a room the softness it needs. On the other hand, white is a neutral color, and the combination results in a chic aesthetic. 

These colors can be used side by side or you can use peach to highlight a white wall. There’s plenty of room to add your personal touches to this combination. Floral designs go quite well with this two-color combination for bedroom walls as well. 

9. Cream and Brown 

Cream and brown, when paired together, create elegance, so to increase the elegance factor of your bedroom, consider painting your bedroom walls with elements that lean towards these colors. 

For example, try brown wooden floors or brown sheets for your bed matched with cream accents around the room and on the wall. To get the most out of these two-color combinations for bedroom walls, you need to ensure your designs have consistent elements of the colors. 

10. White and Brown 

two-color combinations for bedroom walls

This is a perfect combination that is similar to the cream and brown combination and the design is similar. However, you should choose these classic two-color combinations for bedroom walls if you want a relaxing, pure, and calm vibe in your bedroom. 

The brown will give off a warm and stable environment which you can incorporate into several designs around your bedroom.

Bonus: Blue and Brown

Blue and brown tones are two-color combinations for bedroom walls that surprisingly go together very well. It’s particularly great for a kid’s room because it sets a fun, happy, and serene tone. 

When painting with this combination of colors in a child’s room, ensure you make it playful as possible instead of just painting them side by side. You could paint the walls light blue and then cover them with brown drawings or vice versa. Be sure to add fun designs all around the room. 

If you’re looking for a great place to choose the specific shade of paint you have in mind for your two-color bedroom wall painting project, check out Canva. They have extensive palettes and even feature collections from Benjamin Moore.

Additional Tips for the Best Two-Color Combinations for Bedroom Walls

1. Keep It Simple

There’s no need to go overboard with two-color combinations for bedroom walls. It’s different from using one solid color so there’s rarely any need to do more than necessary to elevate the appearance. 

2. Leave Room for Creativity

When you keep it simple, you leave room for creativity around your room with furniture or other design elements. The goal is to make your room blend and carry the same theme as your walls.

3. Personalize It 

You might not be the one painting the bedroom walls but you’re the one designing it so make sure you make it yours. If you have a favorite theme, incorporate it into the walls or your room to personalize the space. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make my bedroom walls not look dull? 

There are easy ways to make your bedroom walls come alive. Try using furniture, but we advise you not to overdo it with furnishings. A simple coffee table and chair can do the trick. 

Another way is to decorate according to the color of your walls. For example, if you have white and black bedroom walls, do some home improvements that mirror that stylishness and elegance. Use black tile or wooden flooring to complement the look. 

Lastly, use plants – you can never go wrong with plants. Apart from being beautiful, they also provide several health benefits. 

Is pink a dull color? 

Pink isn’t a necessary dull color – but it’s one of those colors that does better with other colors than it does on its own. If you’re using color on your wall you must design your room with that chic effect.

Are two-color combinations for bedroom walls overboard?

No, two-color combinations for bedroom walls are not overboard. You may be hesitant to try them if you love simplicity, but it’s possible to paint your walls two colors and still be simple about it. The list in this article has combinations that are simple but stylish.


Two-color combinations for bedroom walls can be a great interior design option for everyone. You just need to find something that suits your style and can make you feel at home and you can do this by choosing what’s right for you from our list of top ten two-color combinations for bedroom walls.

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