Today, rather than wallowing in my misery that baby girl is not here since today is technically when her eviction notice should be served, I am going to share with you what I am most thankful for this year. Because there is a lot!!

Waiting for baby ecard

A healthy, amazing pregnancy

I have been told by numerous people how I am one of the happiest pregnant people they have ever known. I’m not sure I would go quite that far…but it’s been great! It helps that I haven’t really been sick. Except these lovely symptoms I didn’t know about, I have slept well almost the entire pregnancy. And have remained active. Also, glad that all the liver issues cleared up so that I didn’t have to be induced at 37 weeks. If every pregnancy goes this way, I could definitely see myself wanting to have babies for years! An excuse to get fat, eat what I want, and get to cuddle a baby at the end of the nine months.

Gender reveal paint fight

Mr G AKA Baby Daddy

I cannot praise this man enough! In the evenings, especially, when I act practically like a paralyzed poor soul stuck on the couch, he brings me water….and keeps it filled. Which is a huge feat if you know me! (I got praised at my dr’s last week for that. She said that I had the clearest pee she has ever seen from a pregnant lady!) He pulls me up off the couch. Readjusts the pillows behind me because I certainly don’t have the abs at this point to pull myself up to do it. He figures out dinner (most nights). Buys me two boxes of dark chocolate peanut butter cups from Trader Joe’s when I ate the first box we bought that was for our labor snack bag. And most importantly, is as excited as me for this little one to come. After nine months, he still gets creeped out feeling little one inside me but he does it because I get so excited. And last but not least, this dude is willing to share his birthday with our little girl, and honestly he couldn’t be more excited if he gets to do that. His greatest birthday wish (which is tomorrow) is to just snuggle his baby girl. Doesn’t that just melt your heart?!

Our warm, home

Not just a house, but a home. When we bought this home over a year ago, we had every intention of buying it to raise a family in. That was my first thought after walking out the doors that first time….I could see us raising a family here. And now we are. It started as just our house. And over the past 16 months we have made it our own. I love this home and can’t wait to raise our little one (and hopefully her siblings) here.

Our jobs

This year has been a year of growth and change. I have taken a much more prominent role in the family business and absolutely love it! It took me years to figure out what I wanted to do, including a major change two years into college, but now I look at where I am at and just smile. I love my job and how things are going. I also love that I can consider Burlap and Babies part of my job now. Blogging and crafting has always been a passion of mine and now I get to share with 100s of people and more importantly get to connect with so many awesome people out in the blogosphere. And Mr G is thriving in his job! Working for a smaller company (only 12ish employees) it was always a little iffy on how things could go. Over this past year, his boss and owner of the company, has given him much more responsibility and he now is the project lead on many app designs for very well-known companies. Proud wifey here!!

Our community

I wrote about how I have been so blessed by my little village through this pregnancy and that hasn’t changed one bit. Everyone else around us though has also been amazing! Family, friends, church, work……such a blessing! I can’t rave enough about everyone in our life and how supportive and awesome they are!

So long story short, this year has been an amazing year of settling down, becoming real adults, and becoming us. For years, you live life under your parents. Then you head to college and are in a funky state of constant change as you try to figure out who you are and what you want to be. And then after college another time of transition as we try to settle in. And now, 2.5 years later I can say I finally feel like we’ve reached that point. Always room for improvement and change but feeling content with where we’re at. At the beginning of 2014 I set my goal for the year to be content. I would say I can check that off the list for 2014.

Word of the year: CONTENT

What are you most thankful for this year?

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