40 Weeks

40 week update

How far along? 40 weeks (+ 2 days). Not sure if I should be happy or sad. I am so ready to meet this little one!! Sadly little one did not make it in time in order to wear her new onesie. Good thing we kept the tags on!

Maternity clothes: Of course. Barely fit into my sweats anymore.

Sleep: Had acupuncture for the insomnia two weeks ago and feeling so much better since then. Last night I only woke up once!!

Food cravings: None

Nausea: Feeling good.

Total weight gain: 38 pounds

Movement: Still moving the same amount. I love how she’ll react to noises on the outside so much more now.

Gender: Girl

Labor Signs: Still having BH contractions, especially when I’m active. Walking anywhere from 1-4 miles a day and still feel great though. My midwives will check me at my appointment next week if baby still hasn’t come. Other than that, I just continue to have many pre-labor signs proving that my body is certainly getting ready to have a baby but nothing definite yet. Any day now though!!

Belly button in or out? In.

Wedding ring on or off? On.

Happy or moody? Happy for the most part. Some days are discouraging when I realize it’s another day without meeting our little girl but at least I feel good.

Best moment this week: Mr G was off three days this week and it was so nice just sleeping in, hanging out, and waiting together. He’s just as ready as I am to meet her!!

Looking forward to: Labor starting and meeting our little girl!

40 weeks

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  1. You are adorable! I know you don’t feel beautiful right now, but you are. :) I went right at 41 weeks with my little girl so I know exactly what you’re going through right now. I think I was ready to punch the next person who said to me in the grocery store, “Woah! You’re about to pop!” Haha The wait is completely worth it. Enjoy every exciting moment of anticipation. Praying for a safe delivery for you and little one. :)

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