66 things to do when stressed…besides eat chocolate.

As I finish licking out my ice cream bowl and eating every last brownie crumb, I realize there needs to be an end to this madness. The newborn stage is almost behind us and now we learn to live in the here and now. That also means no more excuses to eating my stress away by the buckets of chocolate.

So with that, I give you 66 things to do when stressed besides eat chocolate!

66 things to do when stressed besides eat chocolate!

Take a bath.
Read a book.
Snuggle a puppy.
Find the end of the rainbow.
Go for a run.
Pet a kitten at an animal shelter.
Do 20 push-ups.
Color in a coloring book.
Listen to music.
Clean the dishes.
Clean out the fridge.
Build a fire.
Roast marshmallows.
Drive to the beach.
Go for a hike.
Pull some weeds.
Go on a nature walk.
Write a poem.
Clean out your purse.
Fold laundry.
Go to the dog park and play with a strangers dog.
Plan your fantasy dream vacation.
Make homemade ice cream.
Fly a kite.
Visit a retirement home.
Take a nap.
Iron clothes.
Play the piano.
Rearrange your furniture.
Go window shopping.
Plant flowers.
Dust your home.
Build a birdhouse.
Write a short story.
Watch your favorite movie.
Make origami.
Visit the tulip fields (or dahlias or roses or whatever you have in your area).
Drink tea.
Write “just because” cards to friends and family letting them know how appreciative you are of them.
Facebook stalk your ex.
Browse Pinterest.
Make an inspiration board for your dream home.
Create a time capsule to open in ten years.
Bury said time capsule.
Cast the story of your life using your favorite actors and actresses, alive or dead.
Go to the zoo.
Peruse the public library.
Get a goldfish.
Sort all clothes you haven’t worn in the past two years and give to a homeless shelter.
Create a cd mix of your favorite childhood songs to share with your kids someday.
Paint a picture of your favorite place.
Play frisbee.
Hug someone.
Host a barbeque.
Play solitaire.
Become a foster parent.
Go to the mall.
Go to a thrift store and buy something to makeover.
Find something of little value that is yours and destroy it!
Call a friend.
Play Tetris.
Enjoy an afternoon at an amusement park.
Try on fancy dresses and pretend you have a big party to go to.
Go roller skating.
Get a manicure.

What do you do when you’re stressed?

Clearly my go to is eat chocolate so I am working on changing that. I’d love to hear your secrets in the comments below.

66 things to do when stressed besides eat chocolate!

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