Valentine’s Garland

Well I finally got around to finishing that garland I shared last week and getting it hung so now I am sharing it all with you.

Stuffed Heart
I started by gathering some red fabric scraps I had leftover from my christmas tree skirt and cutting a heart shape out of a piece of paper to use as a stencil.

I doubled over the fabric and then cut it out using the stencil. Once I had my pieces cut, I held them together (because I was feeling lazy and didn’t want to find my straight pins) and sewed the fabric together doing my best to round the heart corners. I left about an inch unsewn to leave room to stuff it using leftover “snow batting” from the christmas mantle. Once it was stuffed to my satisfaction, then I sewed over the last inch to seal it tight. Being the limited sewer that I am, the heart turned out a little wonky but I think it just adds to its character.

Yarn Pom Poms
I decided the garland needed a little pizzazz so I took some hot pink yarn and gray yarn I had and started wrapping it around my fingers. Once it was wrapped about 70-100 times, I pulled it off, tied one piece of string around it, and then cut the loops. This was my first time making yarn pom poms and I’d say they turned out pretty good. I followed this tutorial to get started but really I learned to just go with my gut on how much yarn to wrap and where to trim when shaping the pom at the end.

Once I had six pom poms of varying sizes I decided to start stringing it all together. I used a yarn needle to make holes in the back of the heart so that the yarn went down with the curve in the middle of the yarn. The pom poms are attached with gray string tied around each individual pom pom.
I love how the garland turned out and adds a little diy feel to the overall look of the mantle. To see the finished valentine’s mantle go here.

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