Valentine’s Day Mantle

I am so excited to show you my Valentine’s mantle. I usually am terrified when February comes around and don’t celebrate or decorate for Valentine’s day just hoping the day will come and go without mr g noticing. I get so stressed about making sure I plan the perfect night or get the perfect gift to show mr g that he’s the best…But ya know this year I just am not worried. So I went all out with the new mantle.

I started with the garland I made last week. I love how it turned out and is just fun and happy!

I then went on a little shopping trip around our home and gathered things that I thought might work on the mantle. I took our I DO letters that were on our cake table at our wedding. I also found a heart I got when my mom cleaned house a few years ago.

I also found a bag of fake rose petals that were all over at our wedding and sprinkled them throughout the house and on the mantle.

And then of course the canvas. I love the roughed up feel of the canvas and the imperfectness of it all!

The candle are left from the christmas mantle but I love them and so they got to stay. They add a little bit more of a homey but rustic feel to the mantle.

What Valentine’s decor are you doing? What crafts do you have hidden up your sleeve this holiday?