Week 16

Burlap and Babies: 16 weeks baby bump

Between tearing out a wall in our house this week, starting a new link party, oh and still working full-time this post is going to be short. But let’s just say I’m starting to feel pregnant now because my little belly has officially popped out more the past week. Puts a smile on my face. So here it goes…

How far along? 16 weeks…the size of an avocado this week 

Maternity clothes: Still haven’t bought any but I probably should soon. I can’t live in dresses alone.

Sleep: Going great besides the fact that I stayed up till 11pm two nights in a row this week. This old lady needs her sleep folks!

Best moment this week: Finding out that the genetic screening came back normal was great news!! Since our niece has a rare brain disorder we wanted to get checked just to be sure.

Symptoms: Still can’t button my pants and having sciatic nerve pain in my low back but thankfully it’s not too bad.

Food cravings: Still waiting for those to kick in!

Nausea? Nope. Feeling great!
Stretch marks? None

Total weight gain: Still fluctuates. On average I’m probably up about half a pound maybe.

Movement: None but hoping any day now I’ll feel something!

Gender: Unknown still

Labor Signs: None

Belly button in or out? In

Wedding ring on or off? On

Happy or moody: Happy :)

Looking forward to: Our gender reveal party coming in July! I’ve been busy planning and I’m loving having an excuse to throw a fun party again. :)

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