Week 18

Sorry for my delay in posting this week. It’s been crazy busy. But at least now I have a funny story for you. :)

The crazy pregnancy dreams have begun!! Last night I dreamt that my two sisters and I were pregnant at the same time. My younger sister had her baby at 30 weeks and my older sister had hers at 36 weeks. I had my baby early at 34 weeks. Rather than them all being babies though, there is something in our genes and they were all part lizard! We didn’t think it was weird at all though, we just acted like that’s how life is sometimes and you have a lizard baby. The only thing I was concerned about though was that we hadn’t had our gender reveal party yet and because I had put so much time into planning it we were just going to hide the gender of my lizard baby until the party. Like I said, weird dream!!

Anyone interpret dreams out there? What does this dream mean? Now onto this week…

How far along? 18 weeks…nugget is the size of a bell pepper this week

Maternity clothes: Yep…definitely necessary. Still wearing all my shirts though.

Sleep: Woke up this morning laying on my back and realized it was completely numb. Weird feeling and realized it has officially come time where I can no longer sleep on my back. Bummer!

Food cravings:  None still

Nausea: Nope
Stretch marks: Yep. No difference this week though.

Total weight gain: As of this morning I am up 4 pounds. I continue to go up and down all week long.

Movement: Felt little one sitting in church last week but haven’t since then. Hoping the movement will increase this next week.

Gender: Anxiously waiting to find out!!

Labor Signs: None

Belly button in or out? In

Wedding ring on or off? On

Happy or moody: Happy 

Best moment this week: This was a great week in the baby world! We met our second midwife and she is awesome! There we got to hear the heartbeat and it was amazing to hear!! I also went to a doula get-together deal with a friend and got to interview some potential doulas. Then more pregnant ladies showed up with their support people and we talked about making your birth plan and all the options you have. I thought I already knew a lot about your birth plan but I can say I learned a ton!! Highly suggest it finding some pregnant get-together’s in your area if possible just to talk and have time to ask questions.

Looking forward to: Our Bradley Method class that starts this week which I’m super excited for. And of course I’m sooooooo excited to find out the gender of this little one soon.

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