How to Throw a Woodland Themed Baby Shower

This woodland themed baby shower party has so many cute ideas for baby shower food.

I’m in a season of babies. I swear there’s another pregnancy announcement or new little one born every time I log in to Facebook. Am I the only one? It’s just this season of life, I guess. Well, great news for me, one of those baby announcements last Winter happened to be my sister. The day we found out she was pregnant I started thinking about the baby shower bash to throw her.

My sister and her husband met at college in Canada and lived in Kelowna, BC for years after they got married. Living in British Columbia and then Bend, Oregon they became quite the outdoorsy woodsmen type and I knew this baby shower would have to fit that part of their lifestyle. Here’s what my younger sister, mom, and I were torn on as we planned this shower. Should it be lumberjack themed with lots of plaid and beards, a glamping theme complete with a teepee, or a cutesy woodland theme? We decided go with a woodland baby shower theme and throw in a little bit of the lumberjack glamping elements.

I couldn’t be more excited with how it turned out!

Tart with berries on a white cake stand image.


So with that, here’s some pictures and details of the woodland baby shower and I hope it sparks some inspiration and ideas as you plan your next baby shower.

Welcome to the party! As guests entered the home they were greeted by a guest book, which was actually I Love You Through and Through, a children’s board book, that we asked guests to leave notes in for the baby and momma.

But honestly, don’t we go to baby shower’s for the cute food? Let’s actually start there!

We collected lots of tree rounds complete with legit moss, bugs, and tree clippings to use. First, though, we puddled a sheer tablecloth over the kitchen island and then started stacking logs and serving dishes. The key to a good looking food table is layers and height. The logs helped provide enough height to make the food look exciting. Plus, the woodland fox she registered for on her baby registry helped add some character.

Food buffet with stuffed fox and painted wooden sticks in coordinating colors image.

Since no shower is complete without food, here’s what we devoured:


  • Fluffy Asparagus Quiche – we had both individual mini quiche and a large one to serve
  • Sugar cookie fruit pizzas
  • Lemon scones
  • Muddy buddies served in cupcake liners (because what camping party is complete without muddy buddies?!) #amiright?
  • Breakfast parfait: greek yogurt, granola, fresh raspberries and blueberries
  • To drink we had lemonade with fresh cut strawberries served in a giant mason jar dispenser

My goal for parties is always to have everything be cohesive and on theme. We used all white serving dishes and stuck with just raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries as pops of color on the food. I also found paint-dipped utensils in the Target dollar section that matched our color scheme perfectly!

Here’s some pretty pictures to give you an idea of how the baby shower turned out.

Scones, raspberries, blueberries featured on a dessert buffet image.

Beautiful scones with raspberries and blueberries image.

Sweets in woodland themed cupcake cups image.

Layered dessert with red and blue berries in clear glass bowl image.

Scones displayed on a white cake stand with a strawberry accent image.

Wooden sticks dipped in orange and shades of blue image.

Straws! Let’s just talk about straw for a sec, m’kay? I’ve learned every party needs cute matchy-matchy straws. You can find them for so cheap and they help just tie everything together. I love these woodland straws I nabbed off Amazon for just a few bucks. So cute!

Colorful paper straws in a clear jar image.

Now, onto the decor.

This custom alphabet decor I made from a faux log round that you can pick up from your local craft store for less than $10 turned out so cute. I drew out the basic letter shapes with a pencil and then went over them with my wood burning pen. Since we weren’t told a name before baby was born I let momma-to-be know I would bold the baby’s initials once he was born.

Wood with letters burned into it and clear jar with markets image.

On the entry table I also used an old camping lantern, puddled fabric scraps, and wooden blocks that we painted in the matching color scheme I chose for the party as decor. These 1″ square wood blocks are a perfect baby gift to customize to fit the theme of any baby shower that momma can then take home for the baby to play with later on.

Painted wooden blocks image.

All you need to do is choose what colors you want, grab your painters tape, and put on a movie. It takes a bit of time to get the blocks all taped off well in whatever design or pattern you want but it’s totally worth it. I love how the blocks turned out and added to the rustic charm of the baby shower!

Blocks with painters tape on them image.

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I knew my sister was planning on putting up custom art in the baby’s nursery and as I learned with Clara’s nursery, you can never have enough themed items for the nursery. I made this custom sign on a piece of scrap wood I had in the garage with leftover paint from decorating the wood blocks.

White canvas with the words, "Be brave, have courage, take risks, and seek adventure" image.

We played a few different games and activities. My favorite activity was more personal for my sister. A year ago my sister and her husband moved to a city 800 miles away from all of her close friends. I pre-wrote on envelopes with my Silhouette sketch pens some phrases and emotions the momma would encounter in the first few months with a newborn.

Read when…

  • You want to cry.
  • You want to laugh.
  • You want to jump for joy.
  • You are overwhelmed with love for your baby boy.
  • You have a tough decision to make.
  • You need a pick me up.
  • You are feeling lonely.
  • You’re doubting yourself.
  • You need to feel loved

I then passed out all the envelopes with a card inside that said “for the new mommy.” Whatever envelope the guest got was what they needed to write a message for. I also had my favorite party planning tool available, my instax camera, so guests could take pictures and put them inside the envelopes before they sealed them.

Envelopes for a new mommy with a Polaroid photo of two women image.

I love how they turned out! This was such a fun baby shower to put together to celebrate my new little nephew. And because what baby shower post is complete without a squishy newborn? Here’s my sweet nephew.

Welcome to the world, Judah David! Auntie loves you and wishes you lived just a few 100 miles closer!

Little baby boy asleep on blue plush image.

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