Chunky Infinity Scarf

This year all my baby sister said she wanted for Christmas was a chunky infinity scarf. A few months ago one of my friends had a baby girl 5 weeks early so the baby blanket that I planned on making, after I taught myself how to crochet, became a very quick lesson in how to crochet 101. So of course I figured I could just make my sister a nice scarf that matched her criteria since buying one was just so much more lame even though I had never made a scarf before. So I began my Pinterest search in the hopes of finding a good pattern.

I didn’t.

So I made it up. Lucky for me, or maybe not so lucky, but my husbands grandma had major brain surgery the week before Christmas so I spent my 12 hours in the waiting room perfecting my triple crochet. After many rows being pulled out and lots of frustration I got the hang of it and my sister loves it so that’s all that matters.

Crochet this chunky infinity scarf. Makes a perfect gift for a birthdays or as a Christmas present!

Here’s the pattern I came up with for you crocheters out there.

Chain 25.
Flip over and count 3 chains in. In the 4th chain, do 1 tc. Continue a tc in the remaining 21 stitches.
When you get to the end of the row, chain one and do a double crochet headed back the other direction.
When you get to the end, chain 4.
Now you’re going to do a tc but skip a chain each time. So tc with a sc. Skip one stitch. Tc and sc. Repeat till you reach the end of the row.
You should have 11 tc in that row.
Now dc back the other way.
Once you get to the other end, chain 3 and repeat your tc without skipping a stitch.
Repeat those rows until you reach your desired length. Be sure to continue counting how many tc you do in each row to make sure they are all the equal width or else you can end up with a wonky shaped scarf.

Happy crocheting!

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