DIY Personal Clock Gifts

Last year, mr g and I became really ambitious with our christmas presents for the fam. We decided to make personal clocks thinking it would be an awesome, practical gift that they could cherish for years. Little did we know that many hours and a much smaller wallet later we would be finishing them up the night before they would be unwrapped.Our goal was to individualize each clock to the person as much as possible. If you want to know in detail how any of the clocks were made, shoot me an email or comment below and I’d love to give you the details.


Avid homemaker and awesome chef. I knew it should be something for her kitchen but I never realized how difficult adhering metal to wood is. Lesson learned.


In the process of decorating his dream beach house in his modern, big city house. I love how my dad’s turned out! I took some old boards I found behind the shed and used water downed white paint to weather the wood.

My sister and her hubby

Into the outdoors, both have bible college ministry degrees so figured a verse was always an easy route to go.

My little sister

International in all ways. Studied in Germany for a term. Taught herself Ukrainian as a young teenager almost to the point of fluency and can count to ten in like 15 languages.

Mr g’s mom

Lover of all things winnie-the-pooh.

Mr g’s dad

Tool expert and extraordinaire.

Mr g’s sister and her husband

Newlyweds (enough said!).

Mr g’s brother

Awesome soccer player.

I’d say they were some pretty kickbutt presents, however, it really gave us a run for our money this year as far as Christmas presents for the fam.

What’s your favorite gift you’ve ever given?

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4 thoughts on “DIY Personal Clock Gifts

    1. I took some old boards and cut them to the length I wanted and attached them all together using gorilla glue. I then painted the boards with a mix of equal parts white paint and water to give it more of a weathered look.

      I bought clock parts from to match the theme of the clock. To attach the clock part I drilled out the back with a spade bit (well my husband did that part) so that it was flush with the wall. And then just used super glue to attach the shells.

      Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

  1. Hi! I would love to know more about the beach inspired clock you made for your dad! I’d love to try it out! Thanks!

    1. Hi Olivia! I used a mix of paint and water to make the wood look more beachy. I just used acrylic craft paint because that’s what I had on hand. The shells are just super glued on. Let me know if you have other, more specific questions I can answer.

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