7 Beautiful Christmas Card Ideas for the Modern Family

Check one thing off the holiday to-do list! These Modern Christmas card ideas for the modern family are so cute and simple.

One night in November you plan out matching outfits, grab your favorite photographer, and frolic in a field at dusk with your family to capture the perfect shot to depict your family for your annual Christmas card. And then the tough part comes…choosing the card.

I love choosing cards, but then struggle with the images. This year we decided to go a more relaxed route and I am SO happy with how they turned out.

Modern Christmas card gift ideas image.

I set up the tripod and camera, put on Christmas sweaters, and said cheese as the timer counted down from 10.

It was perfect! No stress. No struggle with children. No fuss about getting kids to cooperate during the perfect lighting.

*This post is sponsored by Minted and includes affiliate links, however, I would never recommend something I don’t love 100%. For more information, see my disclosure here.

When it came time to choose where to have our Christmas cards printed, of course I turned to Minted. They seriously are my favorite!!

I love that these pictures perfectly show our family right now in this stage of life.

A happy family portrait for the modern Christmas card ideas image.

Clara is our fun, spunky free-spirit. She has got quite the sass, but can also be SO sweet! Her sister is her absolute best friend and she makes sure to tell her that every day. She loves making silly faces and making people laugh.

Maggie is our serious one who has found some attitude in the past month. She does this snorting face that’s hilarious and I knew it had to go on the Christmas card this year!

Our family picture isn’t perfect. Clara took off her headband, the dog looks overwhelmed, and you can barely see our Christmas tree I spent hours decorating for pictures, but it’s US. It’s our imperfectly perfect life.

Plus, I was able to easily add a year-in-review on the back of the Christmas card to show our family and friends a little bit about what we’ve been up to in 2017.

Memorable images complied in the card image.

Clara broke her foot // Ballet class was a major highlight // Sisters becoming best friends // Swim class // Celebrated 7 years of marriage

With a 1-year-old and 3-year-old there isn’t much free time to sit around and address a bunch of Christmas cards so I love that I could just easily import addresses right into Minted and have the envelopes pre-addressed. Seriously, the best!

Check one thing off the holiday to-do list! These Christmas card ideas for the modern family are so cute and minimal.

I had so much fun perusing the site to choose the winning card for this year. There were too many options though that I thought it’d be fun to roundup some holiday cards for the modern family. Minted has SO many great ideas it was hard to narrow it down, but these are a few of my favorites!

A modern Christmas card ideas


1 | Peace

I love this bold, black card with the silver foil. It has a more subtle Christmas look and I love the boho modern feel.

black card adn silver foil image.


2 | Mod Christmas 

Simple, clean, and so good! I love the white and black with the pattern on the back side of this card! You can even add text or more images to the back if you want.

Bacl and white pattern for the modern Christmas card ideas image.


3 | Joy + Us

The simple san-serif font with the tall skinny sub-text is so good! Plus, that foil!! The shiny foil lettering gets me every time.

San-seeriff font for the modern Christmas card ideas image.


4 | Ribbon Wrapped

This card is more basic with a fun letterpress effect to look like ribbon. I love those modern lines!

Modern lines for the card ideas image.


5 | Love Frame

If we would have just had one photo to use on the card, this is the one I would have chosen. It’s a simple square image with a foil diamond that can be one of many different color options.

Frame for the modern Christmas card ideas image.


6 | Simple Modern

This is the card we did. I loved the combo of script font and lowercase serif. It also was perfect for highlighting both our girls while still including a family shot.

simple layout image


7 | Tiny Trees

Last, but not least, these tiny trees. I don’t know about you, but I’m a major sucker when it comes to mini trees. So cute!! Plus, I love the simple text along the bottom.

Tiny Trees layout for the modern Christmas card ideas image.

I love these cards and hope you do too!

I love that Minted gives you examples of a complete collection with the card, addressed envelope to match the theme of the card, plus a sticker to match. Click the images below to see these cards.

Minted cards are so customizable it’s hard to NOT find something you love. You can change the foil color, most of the text can be changed with different greetings, and different shaped corners to finish off the card. You can include envelope liners, get matching stamps, and upgrade your paper if you wish.

These Christmas card ideas are so fun and I’m glad I can easily check this one off the holiday to-do list!

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