15 Practical Gift Ideas for the New Parent

Struggling to figure out a gift for the new parents in your life? THINK PRACTICAL! Here are 15 practical new parent gift ideas. These are some great ideas to get your wheels turning!!

One week ago today ago we welcomed little Maggie Grace into our world. Birth story coming soon but let’s just say it’s been a crazy few weeks and I’m so happy she’s here!!

As I was preparing for her arrival I also got a few questions from people as to what was on our Christmas wishlist. As I thought about it, I figured it would be fitting to share with you these 15 practical gift ideas for the new parents in your life.

Now that baby is here, I’m reminded firsthand exactly how awesome any of these gifts would be for Christmas this year! So here we go…

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1. Shutterfly mug

Personalized mugs are seriously awesome and you can make them as serious or as silly as you want. What new parent wouldn’t want to be sipping their third cup of cold coffee out of a mug with their precious newborn’s face on it?

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2. Picture frame

This picture frame is perfect for those sleep deprived nights when you forget how your baby got here…

Framed with parents and child image.

3. Amazon Mom Membership

Amazon Prime is definitely a life saver. The two day shipping makes it so that you can get diapers, wipes, birthday presents, and anything you need quickly and is so convenient you can do it all during those late night feedings.

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4. Freezer meals

Here’s some great ideas from The Bump. Freezer meals are seriously the best gift! When you have a new little one, making food is the last thing that you want to spend time on. One of our friends said that after they had their second baby, he had 15 spare minutes and he had to decide whether or not he needed food or sleep more. With freezer meals, that choice becomes a little bit easier.

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5. Cleaning Service

Similar to freezer meals, cleaning up the house is one of the lower priorities on the list of things to do for new parents. Help relieve some of those worries by giving the new parent in your life the gift of a clean house. You can get a Molly Maid gift certificate that is found in most major cities or just google for top cleaning services in your area.

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6. New Dad Tactical Bag from Man Crate

This tactical diaper bag is seriously awesome! One of my husband’s biggest complaints when we had Clara was that all the diaper bags were a bit too feminine and looked like you were carrying around a purse all the time. That is not a concern with this bag! Canvas, camo, mustaches, what more could you ask for?? Everything the new dad needs.

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7. New Mom Necklace

And don’t forget the new momma! Get a personalized necklace for mom with baby’s name, birthstone, or footprint on it. This is a darling one I found on Etsy.

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8. A coffee giftcard

Decaf Peppermint White Mocha with Coconut Milk and half the sweet – in case anyone wants to know. One of the bonuses of having Christmas babies is it’s a great excuse to have Christmas drinks delivered by friends for sleep deprived moms.

I don’t know any new parent that wouldn’t appreciate a coffee giftcard. Send a Starbucks gift card here!

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9. One Line A Day book

I bought one of these books when Clara was born and was really bad at writing in it but I LOVE the idea of it. This journal is the quick and dirty version for the busy parents to track life and milestones with their new sweet bundle.

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10. Slippers

Not going to lie, I’ve been living in sweats and slippers these days. I may have gone to a doctors appointment looking like a complete hobo this week but you know we made it early, toddler was alive and fed and the newborn had warm jammies on. I’d say that’s a win!

Give new parents an excuse to wear slippers. These BOBS Slippers from Skechers look so dang comfy!! Besides, everyone is going to be looking at the new baby anyways.

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11. Netflix Subscription

Especially first time parents without a toddler to chase after, I remember we spent a lot of time those first few months snuggling a tiny baby while watching Netflix. Give the gift of relaxation with a Netflix subscription.

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12. Wonder Weeks

This book has seriously been a life saver!! I don’t know how many times I was struggling with my little one and would look in this book and discover that we were in the middle of a cognitive leap and, right there on the page, were several tips on how to get through it without losing my mind. You can read more about my not-so-secret secret of how to thrive with a baby here and why every parent needs this book.

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13. Meal Service

Perfect for if you don’t have time to make freezer meals or you just aren’t a very good cook! Blue Apron Meal Service is a great option!

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14. Diaper service membership

Sign up for subscribe and save on Amazon and have diapers delivered once a month. You can cancel it at any time and I know every parent would be so appreciative! Before sending them though, make sure to find out if there is a particular brand the parents like to use as some babies are sensitive to certain brands.

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15. Wall Calendar

New parents forget dates. End of story. They have enough other important things on their mind. Give them a little piece of my mind with a personalized wall calendar. You can make a cute one with pictures of their new bundle on Shutterfly here.

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What do you think of the new parent gift ideas I came up with?

If you found this roundup helpful I’d love for you to share it with your friends or family using the links below.

And if you are a new parent, is there anything you’d add to the list? Leave a comment below!

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And if all else fails, buy them cute baby clothes. You can never have enough tiny baby clothes to match the new season!

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