Why You Should Start a Blog + So Much More!

Today I want to share with you something close to my heart. As I’ve mentioned many times, my dream for years was to be a mommy blogger. For a long time though, it was this big daunting dream. How the heck do I get there? What are my first steps to take? I created a blog, now what?

Why you should start a blog + tips on how to get started! Get all the details here!

Knowing where I was a year ago and how helpless I felt, I wanted to share with you what got me out of that rut. Last summer as I was 6 months pregnant and trying to figure out my future I knew what I wanted but I had no idea how to get there. And then I came across Abby’s book called Building a Framework. I love following Abby at Just a Girl and Her Blog and when she mentioned that she had written an ebook on how she grew from a little blog to a blogging business where she gets to document her life while supporting both her and her husband, I knew that’s what I needed. I bought her book without a hesitation and never looked back!

I already knew I wanted to blog when I bought her book, but maybe you’re thinking I’m happy and content just reading yours, Amanda. Well, here are my top 5 reasons why you do need a blog!

Why you should start a blog + tips on how to get started! Get all the details here!

Why You Should Start a Blog

1. Freedom.

Where else do you have free reign to tell anyone and everyone whatever is on your mind. Use this freedom to inspire others. Offer an encouraging word to someone. Make someone laugh. Make them cry. Whatever tickles your fancy, do it.

2. You get to meet awesome people!

The blogging community is the most supportive and amazing community I’ve found! I have met so many amazing ladies through their blogs and they become more than just a blog post. These ladies become real friends and even though we may never meet in person, I love the friendship we have and connection through our blogs.

3. Dedicated you time.

So often moms get stuck just being a mom and need something to do for themselves. Blogging is the perfect thing! You can write and connect with others during naptime, while the kids play, from your phone, or on the computer. It’s so versatile and you can really blog about anything but gives you an excuse to do something for yourself. I urge you to find your passion and run with it! You’re not being selfish, you’re having a balanced life. Explore your passions. Whether that’s crafting, painting, sewing, cooking, travelling, the possibilities are endless.


4. Brag a little.

You get a chance to share your work. Do you love creating cute birthday presents or do you make stunning home decor? Why not share it with the world and brag about yourself a little. It’s sure to boost your confidence and along the way can inspire you and others.

5. Pay for your hobby…or even support your family.

This certainly should not be the only reason you blog but it is a nice little perk. Blogging is hard work, but so worth it. If you’re spending time crafting or making over your home, the costs are sure to add up. Why not help balance that by bringing in a little money to pay for your hobby. I know I loved the idea of being able to stay home while bringing in a little extra money to fund my crafting addiction. However, I know ad networks and sponsored posts and networking events can get overwhelming, but I promise it’s not as daunting after you read Abby’s book.

Now maybe DIY blogging isn’t for you. But maybe you love traveling and could share your adventures, or you make some killer dishes and people are always asking for your recipes, or maybe your children are hilarious and you want a place to document this stage of life. I say everyone could find something they are passionate about that is blog-worthy.

Think you want to start a blog but not sure what to write about? Email me and I’d love to help you brainstorm!

Ebook + So Much More!

Today the book that jump started my blog is relaunching with some killer new additions and is too good to not share! If you’ve followed me for some time you might remember me talking about Elite Blog Academy. Building a Framework, however, provides a solid foundation and more technical help to get you started than EBA does. Building a Framework ebook is truly the ultimate blogging handbook. This handbook is packed full of amazing tips, video tutorials, expert blogger interviews to give you all the insider tricks on how to do it right from the beginning, and so much more!

Elite Blog Academy is also one of the best investments I ever made for my blog. It has been worth every single penny! You can read so much more about my Elite Blog Academy experience over here but let me just say, if you’re looking to turn your blog into a business, EBA gives you a proven step-by-step process on how to get there.

Enrollment opens for Elite Blog Academy on February 22, 2016 and will be open for 5 days ONLY! I wanted to make sure you knew about it! Historically, enrollment is only open twice a year so you definitely don’t want to miss this. Plus, this time around I’m offering access to an exclusive Facebook group for people that enroll through me that is filled with EBA alumni and newbies. A place to ask questions and get support. It’s going to be awesome! Find more info about that here.

I’ll be honest, Elite Blog Academy was one of the most challenging and exhausting courses I ever did, however, it was also amazing in pushing myself to do more. Without it I don’t think I would still be blogging. I was able to use the tools I learned in that course to figure out what the big bloggers were doing and do it. You can ready more about my Elite Blog Academy here.

Sign up today to be notified as soon as doors open.

Back to Building a Framework, however. I bought this book right before our summer camping trip last year and I spent practically the whole weekend pouring through it by the campfire. I learned so much and it helped shape the way I blog today. I am so excited to spend naptime over the next few weeks re-reading this book and implementing all the new exclusive information.

If you are interested in Building a Framework: The Ultimate Blogging Handbook, here is what is included in the packages. Please note these are introductory prices and these packages will never be offered at a price this low again!!

Building a Framework ebook

Starter Package ($25)
  • Complete eBook
  • Blog Binder Printables
  • Starter Guide with Complete Course Overview and Step-by-Step Outline
  • Lifetime Updates of the eBook + Printables
Advanced Package ($50)
  • Everything in the Starter Package, plus…
  • 15+ Step-by-Step Video Guides
    • Basic Blog Accounting
    • Google Analytics
    • Google AdSense
    • RSS
    • My Posting Routine
    • Plugins
    • BoardBooster
    • Tailwind
    • Buffer
    • CoSchedule
    • Facebook
    • Pinterest
    • MailChimp
    • PicMonkey
    • Photoshop
  • Lifetime Updates of the eBook + Printables + Video Guides

Master Package ($75)

  • Everything in the Advanced Package, plus…
  • 15 Video Interviews with Expert Bloggers!!! All about 30-45 minutes long!
    • eBook Writing
    • Product Creation
    • The Tech Side of Blogging
    • Writing & Voice
    • Photography
    • Social Media
    • Pinterest
    • Instagram
    • Time Management
    • SEO
    • Ads
    • Working with Brands
    • Growing Your Following
    • Viral Content
    • Growing Your Email List
  • Audio files from the 15 expert interviews so you can listen to them on the go!
  • Lifetime Updates of the eBook + Printables + Video Guides + Expert Interviews

Building a Framework Relaunch Details | JustAGirlAndHerBlog.com
If you have previously purchased the eBook before June 10th, the relaunch day, you will receive the updated version of the book (the Starter package) at no additional cost. If you purchase a package, you will always receive the updated version of that package when there are updates. It is best to purchase now, while the price is low, so you can be grandfathered in with the lowest price available.

With your handbook you receive a detailed course overview that lays out each chapter, printables included that are relevant for that chapter, tutorials, and expert interviews to watch. Abby has laid it all out for you and provided so much expert information. I am so excited to spend time really digging through everything that is included. Here’s just a little sample of the course overview to give you an idea of what you would get.

Why you should start a blog + tips on how to get started! Get all the details here!If you still aren’t sure if Building a Framework is for you, check out these little clips from all 15 expert interviews on Abby’s YouTube channel! It is so worth it!

Second to being a mom, blogging is one of the most fulfilling job I have ever had. I get to meet and interact on a daily basis with so many amazing people that encourage me and push me do greater things. I love the community I have around me and that I get to stay at home with my little one while still having a piece of me.

Still not convinced? Just take a peek at all the info Abby has provided and you might even see a familiar face with a little quote about the book there. It seriously did take so much of the guessing game out and I am so grateful for that! If you have any questions about the book or about my blogging experience, I’d love to chat.

Why you should start a blog + tips on how to get started! Get all the details here!

Are you ready to start your blog or grow yours?

I only recommend products or services I personally use and believe my readers will absolutely love. This post contains affiliate links, meaning that if you make a purchase after clicking through, Burlap and Babies may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. For more info, see my disclosure here.  

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29 thoughts on “Why You Should Start a Blog + So Much More!

  1. I totally agree with your points, especially meeting new people. I have encountered so many lovely souls from my blog and made new friends. I too use my blog in hope to get out of a rut and am slowly getting there. Thank you for sharing your tips :) xo

  2. Great post. I also think that blogging creates a wonderful record of your life for you and your children to enjoy in years to come when you reminisce. Abby’s book looks really interesting, might need to add that to my reading list :)

    1. Yes! I documented my whole pregnancy and am now keeping like a journal of my little girl’s life. In case I never finish her baby book, she’ll always have this she can at least look back on. :) Thanks for reading! And yes! The book helped me so much! I highly recommend it!!

  3. We are DIY Home & Garden bloggers and we can also highly recommend this ebook! We had 6-7 years of self teaching reading everything from building a website, seo & social media, joined memberships, purchased other ebooks and while we gained a ton of good information it wasn’t until we purchased Building A Framework ebook and followed each chapter step by step that our website came to fruition! It is such a great book for beginners, for people in the middle of growing their blog business and even the more advanced will pick up great tips. Why reinvent the wheel when you can just follow along with someone who has been there and is willing to hold your hand along the way and most importantly provide a community of support!

    1. Yes!! I couldn’t agree more! I found it so freeing knowing I didn’t need to search for tutorials or feel like I needed to be digging around to find what the best practices were while I was building and growing…it was all in the book. And now with all the extras that are included….

      I can’t wait to learn more!!

  4. I started a blog last year called theguiltymommy.com and I keep losing momentum when I blog and see little increase to my traffic. I think I just need to buckle down and get motivated. Maybe a little more traffic would be motivation enough or a few extra dollars. Not to be personal, but after reading this ebook and focusing on your blog, has your site got more traction, more readers and actually made a little money?

    1. Hi Alison! It is rough. I promise you though, it gets better! I read the book last August and have definitely seen a huge increase in pageviews and I am also making a small amount of income since then. You get so many tips and tricks to implement that it is sure to increase your pageviews and help you gain a little momentum if you stick with it.

      PS Checked out your blog. So fun!! I love the concept of the guilty mom. :)

  5. So many reasons to start a blog! When I did it three years ago, I had no idea what I was in for – and I look now and see all the friendships and connections I’ve made and great experiences I’ve had. It’s truly an amazing community. Great post!

  6. Wow, what great information and I feel inspired to purchase one of the ‘Building a Framework’ packages. I have so many thoughts and ideas running through my head all the time that I need to get organized. Social media alone takes up so much time to try and get through every day that I am finding myself scrambling when it comes to my actual content. Thank you for the recommendation and I’m so happy I came across your blog ; )

    1. Hi Tia!! I feel ya. Social media can be so overwhelming! Abby has full chapters dedicated to each one to help you figure out where to focus your energy.

      Haha I love your blog name! At first I was like “oh no! she spelled it wrong!” :) That roasted asparagus you posted a few days ago looks delicious!!! Thanks for stopping by!

  7. I agree with all of these points! I don’t have kids, but I do have a demanding job. Being able to escape that and write is very fulfilling and relaxing. And it’s so invigorating when people are reading your posts!!

  8. This sounds like a great book for bloggers new and old. I love blogging and I never imagined when I started how far it would take me! Great tips :)

  9. I’ve been binge watching the Expert Interviews and loving them! Abby has outdone herself!

  10. I totally agree with your reasons for starting a blog and why it’s so important. I was in such a rut a year ago after graduating with my degree and coming to the realization I didn’t want to do anything with it. Blogging has given me so much freedom, pushed me creatively and has given me a new found confidence in myself! Also, the community is AMAZING!

  11. I am SO impressed with this post. Becoming a blogger is so special and I am so excited that I am finding all of these amazing blogs throughout my career!

  12. I waited a long time to start blogging too, and then I didn’t get really serious about it either. This looks like a terrific resource. And I agree with your reasons for blogging.

  13. #2 is my absolute favorite!! So many kick ass people out there (: I have yet to make a profit with my blog, but I have met so many people and just got my first “job” with a travel website…which I never thought would happen. There are so many directions your blog can take you in. I love it!

  14. This is something I seriously need to look into. It looks amazing. I love to blog but I want to do so much more with it. Thanks for sharing!

  15. I am intrigued and want the whole package! I’ve seen mention of this new book a couple of times but hadn’t looked into it yet. Thanks for all the great info!

  16. I love my blog for these reasons listed above. I haven’t made $ like other bloggers have, but I’m working hard to do so. I’m checking out this book. It looks great and I would love to learn more.

  17. This is perfect… I am in that rut right now. I just started my blog in January and knew it was going to be hard work. But it is just downright overwhelming. Recently, I began working from home, so my nap times and at night are filled with work. So I am now struggling on where I fit blogging in. This could be my answer to all of the things I am trying to figure out on my own! Thanks so much.

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