DIY Champagne Wall – 7 Unique Ideas

Champagne walls are beautiful, majestic, and a perfect way to transform any event. They are also highly trendy and something you don’t want to miss out on. You may not achieve the over-the-top outlook of champagne walls in movie weddings, but you can still make a statement with your champagne wall with ideas we are about to share with you down below.

Check out our blog for more inspirations if you are a fan of DIY projects and ideas. Without further ado, let’s dive into the glam and transform your décor effortlessly and cheaply with our top DIY champagne wall ideas.

What’s a Champagne Wall?

champagne wood wall

In simplest terms, a champagne wall also referred to as a champagne tower, is a drink station that serves champagne. The installation holds glasses of champagne and other beverages for guests to grab conveniently at an event.

Champagne towers can also double as décor, photo booths, and escort displays at your events. The station also may be the perfect spot for your guests to meet and get acquainted.

Is a Champagne Wall necessary?

Champagne walls stylist and a statement piece for wedding décor, and if you are extra on glamour, the wall is very much necessary for you. Your guests will take the most beautiful pictures to commemorate your wedding or event with your bridal backdrop or birthday backdrop.

Your tower can double as an altar and piece of art. You can transform it into a centerpiece for your reception while serving drinks from it, making the party rock, and, of course, taking pictures and engaging your guests.

It can also act as a perfect backdrop, and you could set your cake in front of it.

DIY Champagne Wall Ideas

champagne wall

Now that you have all the deets on how necessary a wedding champagne wall is, it is time to learn how to make yours. Others couples opt to buy or pay someone to design their beautiful champagne walls, but you don’t have to break the bank for yours. You can make your glam champagne wall with materials available at your disposal. Here are some fantastic DIY champagne wall ideas you can try out.

Using Plywood Sheets

One of the most straightforward DIY ideas for a champagne wall is a plywood sheets structure with glass panels. You can buy your plywood from the nearest convenience store for your project. Ensure that the plywood sheet is uniform and neat to hold your wooden shelves well.

Curve out holes in your wood that will act as shelves. Ensure that the holes are well-spaced to fit champagne glasses nicely. Also, drill an opening on the front side of the holes for easy access to the drinks.

Attach your drilled shelves to the plywood sheet and secure them with heavy-duty staples or clamps. Add some champagne wall art and champagne decor for aesthetics. Once done, move your champagne wall to the desired location and load it with glasses and drinks.

The plywood sheets DIY champagne wall is suitable for mini-events and small parties inside the house or in your backyard.

Using Wood and Pegboard

You can also conveniently make a party champagne tower in your garage using materials you already have. If you don’t have any extra materials, don’t fret. You can always buy wood and pegboards from the nearest convenience store at affordable prices. You will also need other supplies like nails or screws.

Create a frame from your wood and ensure it is secure and robust to hold your drinks. You can make more than one frame depending on the number of drinks you want to serve.

Once you have your wooden frames, use screws or nails to attach your pegboard to the frame. Now that you have your cabinet, we want to ensure it can stand upright to avoid party accidents. Make a stand using the remaining wood blocks, then attach it to the back of your board. Ensure the entire structure is stable before moving to the next step.

The next step is to add aesthetics to your board depending on your party’s needs. If your birthday theme is all white, you can spray paint your board with white paint to match your party theme. Ensure that the paint is dry before using your board.

Get separate wood sheets and drill equal holes across them using a miles craft drill. The wooden sheets will act as shelves that will hold your champagne glasses. Remember to cut out slots connecting to the holes to access drinks easily.

Next, polish your shelves for a perfect finish, then let them rest and dry well. Once well dried, attach the shelves to the board to finish your drink display holders. Use screws or nails to secure the shelves to the baseboard.

You can add other decorations to your board at this point to suit your event or party needs. Your wall is now ready for glasses and drinks.

Wall-mounted champagne walls

Wall-mounted shelves are so easy to make. Get your supplies and wooden sheet, and you are ready for your project. Wall-mounted shelf DIY champagne walls are great for indoors and outdoors; all you have to do is identify your wall and get started.

Drill uniform holes on your wooden sheets designated as shelves using a miles craft drill. Once you have your holes, create cut-out slots for every hole to enable mounting and access to the champagne flute. Be sure to polish your perforated shelves to give them a handsome outlook.

You can also paint your shelves to match the theme of your party or event. A gray champagne balloon wall will provide the perfect contrast if you use red brick walls. You can also paint your champagne glass holders.

The next step is to mount the shelves to the wall to finish your champagne wall. You can use heavy-duty staples, screws, or nails to secure the shelves to the wall. Once everything is mounted, your wall-mounted champagne wall is ready for use.

You can add extra decorations such as welcome words and visuals or matching balloons to add to the flair.

Bubble Tavern DIY

A bubble tavern champagne wall design is easy to achieve at home. Again, the craft supplies you will need are wood and screws or heavy-duty staples.

Create your tavern by screwing wood together into a cabinet-like structure. The cabinet will assume a rectangular shape with a top and bottom bar. Once you have your cabinet, you can polish it and set it aside as you work on your shelves.

The method is the same for this DIY as well. Take your pieces of wood designated as shelves and drill uniform holes in them. Every hole will have a corresponding cut-out slot, just like the rest of the shelves above.

You can polish or paint your wooden shelves depending on your party’s specific needs and theme. Just let it dry before moving them.

Attach the dry and perforated shelves to your cabinet. This is the final stage before using your bubbly bar shelf. You can use the lower and top surfaces to store the champagne bottle or fresh champagne glasses.

You can also play with décor with the champagne wall to match your bubbly party expectations.

Boxwood Champagne Wall

A boxwood wedding champagne wall is an excellent idea for themed parties. If you want to connect with nature, this is an excellent DIY project for you. You will need wood, staples, screws, and boxwood grass.

The first step is to make your regular board and shelves. Using wood, make a frame and secure it in place with heavy-duty staples or screws. Once you have your structure, attach your pegboard and connect it to the frame using a couple of screws.

Ensure that your board is stable by making it a support system using the extra wood pallets. Since you are going for a jungle theme, paint your board green and let it dry for a few minutes. You can work on your shelves meanwhile.

Create equal holes and corresponding cut-out slots that fit your champagne glass on the shelves, and ensure they are polished. For the sake of the theme, paint the ready champagne shelves green before attaching them to the board. You will need screws to attach the shelves to the board.

Attach the grass to the board and the shelves to complete the project. The green background paint will keep the wood from showing through the grasses. Adding stuffed wild animals like a tiger will enrich the theme and enhance the flair.

Using Wooden Trims

You can still have a flamboyant wall of beverages without doing all the drilling work, which can honestly be draining. This next DIY project is for the people who are too lazy to make a champagne wall but still need one. The list of supplies you will need is wood trims and screws.

Make a cabinet out of your wooden board. Secure everything in place using screws. For the back of your cabinet, you can use plywood. The other easiest method is to make a frame using wooden trims and then attach the frame to the plywood using screws.

Attach wooden shelves to your cabinet using screws, and be sure to secure the shelves to the plywood too. You can decorate the interior of your cabinet to match the theme of your wedding or party or paint it.

You will not need to drill holes to hold your champagne glasses since you will casually place your drinks on the shelves. You can arrange your glasses in a specific style and add decorations like flowers between groups of glasses. The shelves can also be used to hold champagne bottles. The cabinet can also be fitted with backdrop party decorations.

Using a Bookshelf

Supposing you are too lazy to make your cabinet from scratch, a bookshelf would be an alternative option. I’m assuming you have an empty bookshelf or are willing to empty one for your party or wedding needs.

A bookshelf already comes with inbuilt shelves, and you can use it the way it is. You can touch it up by painting or polishing it to match your wedding or event’s theme.

However, if you want to make things more interesting by adding wooden trims to your bookshelf, the more extended trimmings will go into the sides of your bookshelf, while the shorter ones will go into the interior of your wall.

Depending on your taste and preferences, you can spray paint the wooden trims before installing them on the bookshelf. You will not need to perforate the shelves for this DIY project since the glasses will sit on top of the shelves.

Place your champagne glasses on the shelves in your desired style and add more flair by incorporating flowers, balloons, and other décor. You can use the bottom shelf to store extra champagne glasses and bottles. The top shelf would be perfect for displaying art. You can go with gorgeous balloons, paintings, or even flowers to enhance your shower decor.


Order your craft supplies online to take advantage of sales and shipping policies. Some stores offer free standard shipping.

For a modern yet minimalist style, incorporate a monochrome design into your champagne wall project. You can throw in a simple flower or art piece to make things look chic or incorporate your favorite color.

You can always add a champagne neon sign to give personality to your handmade pieces. Black champagne walls would look great with neon lights. You can never go wrong with champagne wall signs.

Add words to your champagne wall to guide your guests or simply make them laugh at wedding events or even corporate events. An example is “Take a Glass & Take a Seat” to guide your guests. You can order champagne toast sign templates online.

Uses of Champagne Walls

champagne wall

You probably know by now that champagne walls are amazing pieces capable of double-duty used as drink holders and wedding backdrops. However, it does not stop there. Champagne walls offer limitless options when it comes to their functionality.

Cocktail Hour

Champagne wall holders offer the perfect space for couples to welcome their guests to cocktail hour. They are more desirable than the traditional personalized serving since guests can grab drinks from the wall and catch up with other guests. The wall eliminates the traditional champagne flute bars and makes everything casual and fast.

The champagne wall flute holders form a part of the wedding décor, and guests can use it as a background for their pictures.

Seating Chart

Champagne walls are a perfect way to welcome guests to your events with a glass of champagne. Moreover, you can incorporate a seating chart to help guests find their seats while enjoying their drinks.

You could add tags with names and seat numbers to direct your guests and have their favorite drink served to make it warmer. However, your custom wedding drink is still okay for your reception.

Partition Rooms

If your venue is one ample space, you can maximize that space by dividing it with champagne walls instead of renting more space. The wall can be a barrier between two areas, such as the reception and cocktail hour room.

The walls could also guide the guests to specific spaces, such as the reception. You could leave a note on the champagne wall asking your guests to take a glass and stay seated.

Act as décor

Champagne walls give you a chance to design any theme you want. You can decorate the wall with greenery or flowers to bring the warm tone of the outside to your event. You can recreate a natural theme inside and make your wedding appear like a garden event.

You can get creative with the boards to match whichever theme be it a bridal shower or any other celebration event. If you don’t like flowers, you can swap them with stuffed animals or balloons.

For Other Events

As aforementioned, champagne walls are versatile, and the DIY ones are even more multipurpose. They can be used for other events like bridal parties, birthday parties, and baby showers. All you have to do is redecorate them to meet your party’s expectations.

Are Champagne Wall shelves Safe?

Champagne walls are safe to use, and if you are the paranoid type, you would have to be keener when making your champagne walls. Ensure that you secure every part of the structure with enough screws or staples. Also, please pay attention to the materials you use to DIY your champagne walls and make sure they are in good shape.

How Many Glasses does a Champagne Wall Hold?

champagne wall

Typically, champagne walls hold 24 to 96 glasses, depending on their sizes. Most walls are eight feet high and offer enough space for a drink for every guest. The capacity of DIY champagne walls varies from one project to the other, and you can always decide the number of glasses you want on your champagne display.


Champagne wall decor is a common trend, especially if you are operating in a limited space. It eliminates the bar and bartenders since your guests can serve themselves and proceed to the dance floor or reception area. You will also save a great deal if you design your champagne wall. We hope our DIY champagne wall ideas were an eye-opener for you.

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