How to Make a Picture Ledge with Plywood

All you need is a scrap piece of plywood to create a simple DIY picture ledge!

Who doesn’t love picture on the wall? I do! We all have that heart for a gallery wall and showcasing art and our photos in them. I was thinking of something that would be useful to give an accent to my picture frames aside from hooks and strips. So, I came up with a picture ledge shelf.

Display your photo or memorabilia on photo ledges. It is a modern display that you can put in your entryway or living room.

Hundreds of amazing DIY projects can be done using plywood. Since we have a lot of plywood in the garage, I chose to use it as the main material for my picture ledge project. With the power of paint, it turned out the way I wanted it to be. This shelf project is for beginners and advanced DIYers. If you are into simple home decor, you’ve got to try!

Using a plywood you can create an awesome diy picture ledge. Here's the easy and simple how-to. #diyshelf #plyqoodproject

What you need to make a DIY picture ledge:

  • 1/4″ birch plywood
  • Wood glue
  • Clamps
  • Paint
  • Painter’s tape


1. Cut Boards

First, cut the boards to size. You need a 22″ x 4″, 22″ x 3″, and 22″ x 1″ to make the full ledge. If you’re concerned about the plywood splintering, tape the wood where you’re going to cut before cutting.

Image of picture ledge cuts2

2. Glue

Add a thin line of wood glue to the front and back edge of the 22” x 4” board

Image of picture ledge wood

Image of picture ledge clamp2

3. Clamp

On a flat surface, place the 22” x 1” against the front of the board and 22” x 3” in the back. Use clamps to hold it all together while the glue dries overnight.

Image of picture ledge clamp

4. Paint

Use painter’s tape as necessary to paint a pattern on the shelf

Image of picture ledge paint

5. Hang

Attach a sawtooth hanger to each corner on the back or screw it directly to the wall for a more secure hold.

That’s it! You can do a quick DIY picture ledge and display it with your photo frames anywhere you would love to display it.

Image of picture ledge final

I love how this little shelf turned out and is the perfect display for my letterboard. Get your own square letterboard here!

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