Kitchen Makeover Week 6 – Modern Kitchen Reveal

This modern kitchen makeover is filled with gorgeous black and white accents, hexagon tile backsplash, and many DIY projects. Check it out!

This project is sponsored by Jeffrey Court, FrogTape, Elkay, Liberty Hardware, and Lamps Plus. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. See my disclosure policy here for more information.

It’s here!! I have been bursting at the seams to share our renovated white kitchen with you! This is one big project we’ve been dreaming of since we moved in over six years ago. I am so honored to be a part of such an incredibly talented group of designers making over one space for the past six weeks thanks to Jeffrey Court and their Renovation Challenge.

It’s been six weeks of blood, sweat, and tears…ok maybe not tears, but there were lots of exhausting moments, lots of sweat, and thankfully not too much blood. I am so excited to hear what you think of the space, but first…

As a refresher, here’s a before…

Image of kitchen before renovation

In week one, we demo’d!

Image of kitchen before renovation

In week two, we stripped cabinets and revealed all the kitchen design plans. Did you check those out? I’m pretty obsessed with them and love how accurate the mockup turned out to be.

Image of kitchen mid-renovation

In week three, I started panicking thinking we weren’t going to make it.

With every project we were hit with another delay and tearing down an 8 ft by 5.5 ft section of ceiling was not on the calendar. This project set us back an entire week and really delayed finishing painting all the cabinets and doors because it had to be done in a clean environment and the ceiling had to be worked on every evening for five evenings right in the middle of where I needed to paint.

In week four, we worked our butts off to get caught up so we could finish on time, including painting until the wee hours of the morning.

Image of painting doors

In week five, everything started to come together and it was finally time to tile! I had so much fun tiling and decided I could make it a hobby doing it for other people.

So, after all of that…are you ready to see how it turned out? Here we go!

Introducing our modern, bright, and fresh kitchen!

This modern kitchen makeover is filled with gorgeous black and white accents, hexagon tile backsplash, and many DIY projects. Check it out! #modernkitchen #renovation

Eeeek! Check out this video below for the whole renovation rundown, including a quick timelapse of the process and all the pretty after shots.

So, what do you think?

In case you didn’t watch the video transformation or want more details, let me give you the full walkthrough of our kitchen renovation.

So, first off, the kitchen cabinets definitely make the biggest difference at first glance. Rustoleum sent us their Cabinet Transformations kit to try it out. Thanks, Rustoleum! We didn’t end up using the deglosser or decorative glaze, but the bond coat and top coat worked extremely well for covering our raw oak cabinets.

Image of white modern kitchen

Next up, can we give those counters a moment to shine? I was so torn on the counters! We really wanted to DIY concrete countertops, however, our realtor friend discouraged us from doing them and I’m so glad she did!

These butcher block counters turned out better than we could have imagined and I love the warmth they bring to the contemporary kitchen against the stark white and black. We went with calico beech butcher block from our local Hardwood Industries.

Image of contemporary kitchen island

Now, for the tile backsplash. I mean, can you even?! It’s SO good and fits so perfectly in our space!! I used the Whisper Valley from Jeffrey Court and the hexagon marble adds just enough texture and excitement to the space. The subtle veins and the white grout contrasts the grey tiles perfectly.

Image of hexagon tile backsplash

This tile effortlessly accents all the right pieces in the kitchen and highlights the black accessories on the main wall. The tile wraps around behind the oven and it’s all edged with this simple glazed bull trim.

Image of striped towel on kitchen sink

Image of sink in modern kitchen renovation

Did I mention we took the tile to the ceiling? It’s always been an awkward spot above the sink window because it isn’t really tall enough for a cute sign, so I love that we decided to take the tile to the top and add a little more interest, rather than just ignoring the space.

Image of modern kitchen

In week three, we added the wiring above the island so we could have pendant lights above the island. I’m so glad we did this! The mini pendants from Lamps Plus make such a huge impact and make the island feel more a part of the space.

Image of mini pendant light

Let’s talk about the dining room.

As you may remember, the dining room didn’t have much going for it. This is what our dining room looked like a couple of years ago.

And here is what it looks like today. I’m so glad we ditched the orange and that ornate chandelier!

Image of modern dining room

The table—that was custom built to be Justin’s desk years ago before kids—got a major update. We removed the drawer, stripped, sanded, filled holes, and stained it. The table is so much more practical as a dining table now with kiddos.

The rug is a new favorite and you’d never guess that it’s made of leather!

Image of modern dining table with dish set

Of course, upgrading our dishes and silverware for the first time in ten years certainly was a bonus of this little reno.

We kept some of our white dishes and found a 20-piece set of charcoal colored dishes from IKEA that we both loved. The matte black silverware was a CB2 find that—praise the Lord!—is dishwasher safe. The grid runner is also from CB2.

I have linked all the sources at the bottom of this post for your convenience. 

Image of sign in dining room from Lovejoy Workshop

This sign I put up in the corner of our dining room was the perfect addition and made by a fun local company called Lovejoy Workshop. Jessica is so sweet and offered to make a sign for our kitchen remodel. If you’re local, you definitely need to go take a class at Lovejoy!

I also added another sign from Lovejoy Workshops above our coffee area on our new industrial shelving unit that sits on the wall to the right of the dining room table.

Image of coffee bar in modern kitchen

This shelf replaced our old armoire we used to hold small appliances and it’s large enough so we were able to pull almost everything off our kitchen counters to give them new homes on the shelf, including cute little wire baskets from The Container Store.

Image of black and white kitchen apron

Image of mixing bowls from West Elm

One bowl, two bowl, aqua divider, centered drain, offset drain…so many options when it comes to sinks!

HUGE thanks to Elkay for providing this stunning undermount quartz sink! I have always loved the look of undermount sinks and can’t believe this black beauty is actually in my kitchen!

It was a beast to install, but I’m so glad we have family that is skilled in that area and offered to help.

Image of Elkay sink

We paired the sink with this matte black faucet I found on Amazon and this soap pump.

Image of modern kitchen

I love our kitchen so much and am so excited to cook many a meal in this space in the future!

As we cleared out our kitchen to demo, we also took it as an opportunity to purge and declutter. I made several big shopping trips to The Container Store and am excited to finish organizing all the drawers and cupboards now that the dust has (literally) settled.

Image of glass cabinet in white kitchen

One more thing I can’t forget to point out is the gorgeous new hardware from Liberty Hardware. They graciously provided all the square knobs and drawer pulls. I’ve always loved drawer finger pulls, rather than handles, and love how these pop against the white cabinets.

Image of drawer pull in modern white kitchen

Image of cabinet knobs in white kitchen

I had so much fun participating in the Spring Renovation Challenge and it was such an honor to be selected! Thanks again to Jeffrey Court for hosting this challenge and pushing me to finally tackle our kitchen!

This kitchen is literally better than I could have dreamed up and the fact that we did it without hiring out all the hard jobs is a major win.

Image of Amanda in her modern kitchen

And of course, we can’t forget about these two kiddos that put up with a lot these last six weeks as we ate off paper plates in the living room and were rushed off to naptime most days so momma could get projects done. They were real troopers!

Image of two little girls laughing sitting in kitchen sink

I can’t wait to hear what you think of our new kitchen.

Tell me your favorite part in the comments below!

Missed out on some of the past weeks? Check out all the details in the posts linked below.




Thanks again to all our incredible sponsors who made this renovation possible!

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This modern kitchen makeover is filled with gorgeous black and white accents, hexagon tile backsplash, and many DIY projects. Check it out! #modernkitchen #renovation

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  1. Beautiful kitchen! What a great makeover! I love that you put attention to all the little details! These drawers handles are so pretty! I agree with you, placing tiles is so much fun ???? I put some in our downstairs bathroom and now I’m just wondering where else in the house I can add tiles ????

  2. The counter. The counters are definitely my favorite. I’m in love and now 100% convinced I need a kitchen makeover.

    My current kitchen is dark, a lot like yours.

    Also, I’m heartbroken that the dining table is a custom made table. I wanted it. I’ve been on a new table hunt for a year. Turns out it is really hard to find a dining room table.

  3. Looks like a great updated place to have meals with the family! I especially love the butcher block counters. It’s my dream but I’m afraid due to the maintenance. What are you thoughts on that?

  4. I love your kitchen and am currently doing similar pieces in mine. Is the tile with white grout hard to keep clean? I’ve heard to stay clear of white grout but I love the look!

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